My Morocco Pics

When I first spotted these pigments at a marketplace in Morocco, I immediately got the idea for    Rich Color Eye Shadow, a formula with an intense color yet dusty texture. The pigments traveled with me back to New York and our resident design guru was in the middle of transferring them to glass bottles when I saw this color—nectarine—which inspired our Miami Collection for Summer 2012.

Backroads/ Lee Micheaux

Backroads/ Jeff Cantarutti


3 thoughts on “My Morocco Pics

  1. Please remember that there are those of us who CANNOT do minerals. I had used a particular makeup for years and went to Bobbi Brown for the cream eye shadow. Love it.


  2. The colors and shades you use are wonderful. I love the Tortoiseshell Collection and couldn’t resist getting both the Sand and the Bronze palettes. I wish you’d bring back the Soft Nude Lipcolor…I bought only one and if I had known it wouldn’t be available anymore on the web site, I would have bought several! I live a long way from the nearest BB counter, so rely on the web site exclusively. I’m also really looking forward to the Miami Collection and hope there are corals in that one, too. I have the Cabo Coral Pot Rouge and although I never thought I could wear corals, I was pleasantly surprised at how great it looks. But then, one just can’t really go wrong with anything by Bobbi Brown. Thanks for starting this blog…it’s interesting and fun to read.


  3. Great photos!!! Ok, I absolutely love the new rich color eye shadows…the colors, the texture, everything!!! I sincerely hope that this formula finds a permanent spot in your line because I would totally make this a basic for my makeup bag. They are so versatile; I use it as a pigmented shadow and / or a smudgy, smokey liner. It gives a very undone, yet pulled together look for your eyes–equivalent to the texture of 2nd day hair…perfect, lol! For readers, I find that using a synthetic brush is best. I pat it onto my lid (then gently use my finger to blend) and kind-of smudge it left to right for when I use it as a liner…I found that this technique gives me the most control for my desired effect. Anyway, please, please, please consider making them a permanent part of your line!!! (*hint-hint*) ;)



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