Pretty Powerful 2.0

To celebrate the second anniversary of our “Pretty Powerful” campaign, I asked thirty incredible women to share the stories behind their one-of-a-kind looks and sense of confidence.  I hope they inspire you as much as they inspired me.

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5 thoughts on “Pretty Powerful 2.0

  1. powerful is the ability to keep going and getting back up every time you are knocked down. if you kick cancers ass and survive, you’re powerful. if you survive domestic abuse , you’re powerful. when you wake up with a smile, love and enjoy those around you, make the best of every day, and you are confident in your choices, then you are ..powerful.


  2. I’m entered in the Pretty Powerful 2.0 contest, so I’ve been reading a lot of entries from all across the country. There are a lot powerful stories from beautiful women, from beating/ fighting terminal illness, substance and domestic abuse, to mountain climbers and everything in between. Calling attention to the issues we face today is powerful in itself. Hanks Bobbi for telling us its okay to be courageous and beautiful too!


  3. I love your prettypowerful list but why is there never a plus sized woman on the list? There are many plus sized, round faced, older powerful women but no one ever really acknowledges them. Why? Is even this based on appearance?


  4. I absolutely love Bobbi Brown and her products feature heavily in both my blog ( and my make-up wardrobe, so I’m really excited that she’s launched her own blog and I look forward to reading it regularly.


  5. Miss Shirley, I’m a size 12! You can’t see most of the entrant’s bodies. There is an 83 year old woman in the top 5 though, and she IS beautiful!


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