Man Repeller

From my converse sneakers to my geek chic glasses, I have always been one for finding a style that matches your personality. That’s why when I was introduced to Leandra Medine, the hilarious style blogger of “Man Repeller,” I knew she would be a great tie-in to my Pretty Powerful campaign.

Leandra teamed up with Celia Ammerman, the former America’s Next Top Model star and one of the faces of Pretty Powerful 2.0, to create a video where each woman shares her style secrets. Watch as Leandra creates a man-repelling look for Celia, while Celia teaches Leandra a thing or two about how to walk the runway.

Be sure to check out our Pretty Powerful site to learn more about Celia’s story. While you’re there, help us pick this year’s Pretty Powerful face for my new campaign.

Some fun outtakes from the shoot-

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