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Pretty Powerful 2.0 began with thirty fresh faces, each telling a remarkable story about their journey from “Pretty” to “Pretty Powerful.” As the campaign evolved, those stories have gone on to inspire others—like YouTube sensation Elessa Jade of Elessa is a longtime Bobbi Brown fan with a dedicated following on her popular beauty blog.

In a step-by-step tutorial, Elessa replicates Muffy Gaynor’s Pretty Powerful makeover, creating her own unique version of Muffy’s easy-to-achieve day-into-night look.

Elessa’s definition of being Pretty Powerful: “Being able to do what I want to do when I set my mind to it.”

Watch Elessa in action by clicking HERE

20th Anniversary Lip Palette
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2 thoughts on “Blogger Buzz

  1. Hi Bobbi!
    Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the brand! mys best wishes of continued success!
    I live in Brazil and I absolutely love your products!! I have all your books, except for the “teen” ones. I love your phylosophy on beauty and your products reflect that so well. Everytime I go to the States I set an appointment at a BB counter for a makover and I leave so happy and confident!
    Unfortunately, I only have the chance to buy your products when I travel abroad or through Ebay. Are you considering expanding your business to Brazil in the near future?
    Thank you and all the best!


  2. Hi Bobbi,
    I would like to add my congratulations on the sucess of your wonderful brand over the last 20 years to those of Patricia and all your fans worldwide.
    I have been a regular user of your products since they were first launched in the UK and continue to use them to this day. Unfortunately as I live in Italy I am unable to purchase the products here and to my disappointment am not even able to order via the internet as overseas issued credit cards are not accepted by your online stores…..unfair discrimination for those of us who want to be a Bobbi’s girl!
    I notice that Patricia says your products are available on Ebay-not a site I use but will have a look but hope that sometime soon your products will be available to us wherever we find ourselves, that’s the real way to be pretty and powerful………..
    Once again, congratulations and best wishes for the future,



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