Naomi Sunshine

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the incredible, one-of-a-kind Naomi Sunshine—grandmother to my close friend David. At the tender young age of eighty-six, she’s sassy, fun, sharp as a tack—and she’s seen and done more in her lifetime than almost anyone I’ve ever met (talk about a Pretty Powerful role model).

Naomi, who, in her heyday, recorded backup vocals for Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme and Billie Holliday made her big comeback with a local jazz musician, Grover Kemble last Friday night in Morristown. After all these years, her voice is still unbelievable—see for yourself.

She’s also in a new book coming out about Sinatra, Sessions with Sinatra: Frank Sinatra and the Art of Recording- shop for it HERE.

Read more about Naomi HERE

Naomi Sunshine and her grandson, my friend, David



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