20 Questions

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary, Bobbi’s Head of PR sat down with her to dig deep and find out what really makes Bobbi Brown tick… In Bobbi’s words, here are 20 things you didn’t know about her…

1) People call me Bobs

2) I’m obsessed with clogs. I would just wear clogs if I could.

3) Cleaning and organizing is one way that I relax. Cleaning out a kitchen drawer actually calms me down.

4) I love toast. Don’t care what’s on it. Just love toast, period.

5) I have a weakness for simple, well-constructed handbags. I’m loving my Céline tote right now.

6) I’m obsessed with beauty foods—food that fills you up but is also good for you and makes you look good.

7) My favorite TV show is Modern Family. I enjoy funny, mindless TV in general.

8) I got low with Flo to his song Low on stage at a concert last year. Still considered one of my favorite memories.

9) My favorite movie of all time is Saturday Night Fever.

10) If I could invite anyone to dinner, living or dead, it would be Hemingway and Picasso

11) If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I’d be a nutritional chef.

12) My favorite color is navy.

13) My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t tell the truth.

14) I am happiest when I am spending time with my family.

15) I have been married for 22 years and I knew the second I met my husband, Steven, that I would marry him.

16) I sponsor a school in the Bronx called Jane Addams High School for Academic Careers and have hired students from the cosmetology program to work for me.

17) I hired a woman from the Dress for Success program who now works on my artistry team.

18) I never watch myself on TV or look at pictures of me in magazines.

19) I always think there is a way to do something better. I guess most creative types operate that way?

20) I wish I could sing and dance.

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18 thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. I love how this blog is a more intimate portrait of Bobbi because she is an interesting and inspiring woman. I also want to know what is the lip color Bobbi is wearing in the picture with her husband. She looks absolutely amazing in that picture: truly happy and beautiful.


  2. 20 Things you didn’t know about me.

    1) My Dad calls me Rudi 2) I am obsessed w/Scarfs 3) Cleaning and Organizing what ever space I am in makes me feel better. 4) I love toast w/peanut butter and apple butter, pumkin butter or rasberry preserves. 5) I have a weakness for boots and sandles. 6) Echo the obsession w/ beauthy food. There is nothing better than a plate filled w/ body loving goodness. 7) My favorite tv show is Big Bang Theory, but also love Modern Family. 8) Favorite memory, the year I spent living in CO.
    9) Favoite movie Wedding Crashers 10) If I could invite anyone to dinner, it would be my grandparents and Bobbi Brown. 11) I am studying to begin my 3rd career as a Physical Therapy Assistant. 12) My favorite color is green (earthy and rich tones) 13) My biggest pet peve is when I tell the truth and people don’t want to hear it. 14) I am happiest at home w/my family including my 2 dogs. 15) I have been married for 13 years and am still madly in love. 16) I volunteer weekly at my sons school. 17) I donate healthy food to my local food bank regularly. 18) Not a fan of looking at pictures or videos of myself. 19) I challenge and push myself to be my best. 20) Wish I were more tech savvy and a better speller.


  3. Hi , Bobbi.
    Always, always I remember to both of you.
    I want you know I am very happy to see you…
    I send my regards and kisses to the rest of your nice family.
    I wish you send me an a-mail.
    Many, many kisses


  4. Actually i am a bobbi brown make up artist in the middle east “Dubai”, i am very glad to be part of bobbi world am really impressed by this amazing brand. it gave me and it still gives me a lot, i would like to thank you a lot Bobs, i love you, simply!


  5. You only seem to get better with age, Bobbi. I have developed a healthy respect for your beauty philosophy and you. It’s so refreshing to see a woman aging gracefully and her desire to embrace what one is born with. Novel concept!! I raise my glass and toast your 20 year anniversary, and wish you many more healthy, happy years!!


    Cheryl Reply:

    Reply on December 10th, 2011

    ps…your products are rapidly taking over my cosmetics collection!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hi Bobs: I’m really loving your blog. I completely agree with your peeve about people who are dishonest – that certainly is one intolerable and unnecessary trait. The picture of you and your husband, Steve is so beautiful. You both look incredible! I’m so happy that you shared with us all! Great thanks for everything, Bobbi. You’re looking even more radiant these days than ever. I think I might have to try this new “Burn & Build Body” thing you’ve got going on. Looking forward ….

    Love, Rosie xo


  7. Hi .. I am from Kuwait and I adore makeup and certainly your brand .today I was in your new shop in the avenues mall in Kuwait to try out some of the products that I have read about . I also saw some of the brushes that were absolutely nice , I have tried Mac , and makeup forever brushes , and now it’s time to try Bobbie brown as well. Will try to purchase one at a time as the brush cost is quite high to me. Thanks again for your great products and the great skin care . And best good luck issues from kuwait


  8. I absolutely LOVE Bobbi Brown!!! I love her style, her makeup, her classic, simple, yet sophisticated look.
    Bobbi is beautiful inside and out, and it is evident that she leads a very healthy life. I am so happy to see someone so into healthy eating as well as beauty, makeup and fashion. What an inspiration!

    I am I adore her glasses and would love to know what brand they are. Does anyone know?


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