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Can you believe the holidays are here? It’s a season for celebrating, sharing, giving and having fun. But it’s also a season that can disrupt healthy routines, lead to overindulgence and—I hate to say it—stress. That’s why this year, I am partnering with some amazing companies to give my staff the gift of health.

The way I see it, there’s no need to let holiday perks become winter woes that we regret later. Here are the gifts that made my shopping list:

If you are on-the-go like me you probably need a little help unwinding at the end of the day. With a 2-ounce shot of iChill—a calorie-free and natural blend of Melatonin, Valerian Root, Rose Hips and Vitamin B—I find relaxation and deeper sleep comes easy. A plus during my busiest days, and an even bigger bonus during the bustling holiday season.

Whenever I’m buying a pair of workout pants for myself, or a pair of sneakers for one of my sons, Nike is my go-to store for athletic-wear. Whether you’re into running, yoga or even tennis, they have amazing gifts for everyone.


I was in heaven when I discovered Teatulia. Their single-garden organic teas are as fresh as the pristine environments that they’re grown in. Some of my favorites: Neem Nectar and Lemongrass Herbal Infusion.

One of my favorite full body workouts is The Bar Method. An amazing workout that combines interval training and dance, I have been a fan for years and years. What’s a better gift than grabbing a girlfriend and treating her to a new workout? After one session, I promise you’ll be hooked.

A snack I crave, Barney Butter almond butter is the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s a delicious addition to toast, a great spread for crackers and a peanut butter substitute when cooking (almond satay sauce can pretty much win over any of my house guests). With fewer calories than peanut butter, a healthy boost of fiber, calcium and vitamins, I never go wrong with this delicious topping.

Whenever I want to clear my head after a long day, I almost always turn to yoga. One of my favorite yoga instructors, Danielle Diamond, is coming to our offices to teach everyone her favorite relaxation and meditation techniques. Danielle is also going to be a guest blogger – so be sure to look out for her debut post this week!

I’ve been a Vega fan for years. Their Vibrancy Bars and Whole Food Health Optimizer shakes are a simple way for me to sneak in all the plant-based proteins, fiber and essential fatty acids I need. This is a gift to buy by the boxful.

When planning this year’s holiday gifts, I could not overlook one of my very own fitness inspirations, Tosca Reno. I first crossed paths with Tosca a few years ago when I discovered her Eat Clean book. Reading it gave me the answer I’d been looking for: how to feed my body and not starve (I’ll never throw out my low-cut jeans in favor of “mom jeans”). We’ve since become friends and she’ll be visiting our offices in the new year to share her secrets.


9 thoughts on “Healthy Giving

  1. Dear Bobbi,
    this post is really inspirational! Though I am not living in the US and all the listed things are not accessible to me, for sure it makes me think on how to approach the new year in a healthier more balanced way. The life we are living it stressfull in different way, and I feel we need to find ways to feel (and consequentely look) better, inside and out.
    I wish you and all your staff a very peaceful holiday season!


  2. hi bobbi and your list inspired me to finally write and tell you about my new and exciting company called SHAQARI. It’s based on my belief system as well. Make the best and sell the best product you can. It’s all handmade and natural products designed for the woman who wants only the best health and well being products out there in the marketplace.
    I began this company only a year ago and it’s sold strictly online. And after having the pleasure of attending your fecent talk at the Plaza Hotel, I am even more excited about my company. Your stories inspired me and gave me the encouragement I needed to move forward. After reading your list of gifts, I am even MORE certain that we are moving in the right direction. I have wanted to do this since seeing you but have been rather busy since then. Please take a moment to view what we have done so far. Each we grow alittle more and one day I can only hope to have some of the success you are enjoying now. It truly was a pleasure to hear you and learn more about your life, your company and you.Thank you SO much for that great experience.


    Linda arrandt Reply:

    Reply on January 2nd, 2012

    Awesome. Keep it going!


  3. Hi Bobbi,
    Would you endorse a product I represent? We are having incredible health benefits with our Cold Pressed Healthy Dark chocolate products. Check out the many testimonies at
    thank you,
    Lauren D’Amato
    Nashville Dark Chocolate


    Linda arrandt Reply:

    Reply on January 2nd, 2012

    Shown me!


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  7. I just LOVE Tosca! I’ve been reading Oxygen since it first statred…I’m not even sure how long that is! I bought the Recharged version of the book a few weeks ago. Worth every penny :)



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