Detox Diary- Part 2

The Detox Cleanse is over!

Now I’m working with Burn & Build Body to get organized-  precooking eggs, grilling chicken, having veggies on hand- generally planning out my meals in advance so it’s easier to stick to this healthier diet and keep the weight off I lost.

The second week of the cleanse was both harder and easier.  I never gave up complex carbs (week two was supposed to be ZERO grains), but I did keep them to a minimum.  I know my body and it takes a few carbs to keep my energy up through long days of back-to-back meetings.  I did feel less inflamed and I dropped a few.  I was about 80% to the program…

All in all? I would recommend it.  I’ve done my share of juice diets and cleanses and this one actually kept me feeling strong, not starved.  Some of the girls in the office tried it too– I asked Lisa, our creative resources go-to girl, about her experience with the cleanse.

“I like the way my body felt- I never got bloated or sluggish.  I felt like I had more energy.  Don’t get me wrong- I had some nasty headaches the first week- but they went away after my body adjusted to the lack of caffeine.  I also lost about 7 lbs..  pretty good!  Of course, the trapeze class I was taking also helped.  The vanilla shakes were pretty tasty…  It was way easier on my body than the Master Cleanse I tried last January.” – Lisa

I’m having Rick Dinihanian, co-founder of Burn & Build Body, over to the office in a few weeks to talk to our staff as part of my Year of Healthy Giving.  Thanks Rick for introducing me to the cleanse.  -BB

Click on these recipes for the cookies and pudding that got me through my sugar cravings:

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies rock-  BB

Vanilla and Chocolate Protein Puddings

Loooove the pudding.  Swirl the vanilla and chocolate together.

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One thought on “Detox Diary- Part 2

  1. Have gone 7 days without solid food 2xs beorfe. 6 days of drinking vegetable and fruit juices, herbs, and powerful colon cleanses (a concoction containing black walnut, senna leaf powder, french clay, and stuff like that). Also did colonics once a day and had some scary stuff come out me like gall stones, parasites (tape worms), and undigested meat. After, I could sleep and awake easily, my allergies went away, I was more patient, the bags under my eyes disappeared, regular bowel movements.


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