Year Of The Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year!  To celebrate- I am wearing bright red nail polish (it’s also great for brightening up dreary winter days).


2012 marks the Year of the Dragon and according to ancient Chinese astrology, those born under this sign are highly ambitious, passionate and successful. I got curious and looked up my own sign and discovered that I’m the Year of the Rooster—which might explain why I believe in loyalty, working hard and being honest.  Other Rooster characteristics are Brave (not always), Romantic (sometimes), Motivated (always), Blunt (oh yes), Resentful (untrue) and Boastful (try not to be!)

I also learned that I happen to be born under a special “Fire Rooster” sign.  Interestingly enough, a Fire Rooster’s image is his most prized possession.  While I wouldn’t say that applies to me (I care about exercise more than primping), it is my life’s work to make others feel empowered through makeup.

Even though many of the “Rooster” traits fit me- I can’t imagine everyone in my high school class (New Trier West- 1975) shares the same personality.   -BB

Here are some pics from my trip to China with my family in 2010-

“Bobbi Brown – Pretty Powerful 2010”

Find out about your own Chinese Horoscope and what Year of the Dragon has in store for you here:

Does your sign fit you?

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2 thoughts on “Year Of The Dragon

  1. I’m chinese but I don’t believe in the zodiac signs. Though I must admit that some of the things they say apply to me but there are as many that don’t!


  2. Hi Bobbi!


    I would like to write you a private message. How do I go about it?

    Have a Happy Tuesday!!!

    Virginia :)


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