Pretty Powerful Woman

Last fall, I had the pleasure of having Christine Quinn, New York City Council Speaker, come to our offices for a makeup application. Though she came in to learn about lip gloss and concealer, I was the one who ended up being the student. We spoke about her fight to save jobs in New York despite the tough economy, and how her goal as Speaker is to create equal rights for all. Since I imagine the life of a politician is not always glamorous, I was really impressed with her endless determination and spirit.

A few weeks ago, I attended a small fundraising dinner party in Christine’s honor. I happened to be in the middle of my detox cleanse, and had every intention of sticking to my no-wheat, sugar or dairy diet. But as soon as I found out that the chef for the dinner was none other than the famous Mario Batali, I had no choice but to take a vacation from my cleanse for the night.

With wine, bread, and an amazing five-course meal, it was one of those nights I’ll never forget (my favorite dish was the Caramel Apple Gelato for dessert!). It was an amazing opportunity to talk to Christine about the policies and services she believes in, and I left thinking how she is someone who sticks to her guns no matter what. I wish her much luck in the future, and I’m sure she will be really successful in whatever she pursues.



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2 thoughts on “Pretty Powerful Woman

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