Pretty Powerful Winner

After weeks of reading through your amazing stories and describing to me what makes you feel Pretty Powerful, we counted the votes and revealed our Pretty Powerful 2.0 Contest winner, Brittany Andam. Even more beautiful in person, Brittany had a whirlwind tour of New York City, where she attended the Rachel Roy Fashion Show with me, and received a makeover in our offices.

Her sparkling personality and endless enthusiasm showed me that she is the perfect person to represent Pretty Powerful 2.0, which is about being pretty, being confident, and most importantly, being who you are. Read on for Brittany’s first-hand account of her visit to New York, which includes a celebrity’s wife and a slice of our famous New York Cheesecake.




by Brittany Andam

Backstage at Rachel Roy

Being backstage at the Rachel Roy fashion presentation was amazing! There were models, hairstylists and makeup artists everywhere. I got to see Bobbi Brown in action as she took charge and worked on each of her models’ makeup as if they were works of art. The energy was high and the deadline of the start of the presentation was speedily approaching but nonetheless, everything was done in time and the show went beautifully.

Meeting Bobbi

Bobbi. She was… adorable. Smaller than I thought but just as wonderful as I could have imagined. Although she had a crazy schedule, she still managed to make some time to visit and talk with me and my husband. Brief as it was, our meeting was still powerful. I think it is remarkable because even though I am the most recent winner of this contest, I can’t help but feel that Bobbi is the epitome of Pretty Powerful. With her ambition, her take charge attitude and appreciation for kindness and giving back, there is a lot we can all learn from her.

At The Show

I got to meet and take a picture with Jenna Dewan (Channing Tatum’s wife). That was awesome! She is so beautiful in person and such a sweet girl. There was no larger-than-life-ego to tip toe around, just her and her beautiful smile and personality. I definitely wouldn’t mind running into her again.

Makeover in Bobbi’s Office

This part of my trip was definitely the icing on the cake. I had such a blast with everyone. Michael who did my makeup, Marcos who did my hair, Rosa who did my nails and of course Kevin who was my photographer (did I mention he also shoots for Vogue? Awesome, right?). They all did an amazing job. Matt and Marcos even ran out to grab me a t-shirt because I forgot to bring mine to the studio and when they came back they had picked out a couple of other tops, complete with jewelry! Everyone was so nice and great to talk to. I definitely felt like royalty.

Exploring NYC

I had never really been able to explore New York before, but after my big photo shoot, my husband and I had the night to ourselves. We went out to dinner and ended up taking a subway into Times Square. There we walked around, admired the larger-than-life skyscrapers and basked in the brightness of the scrolling marquees. It has always been a dream of mine to eat a piece of New York cheesecake from New York and so we made our way over to Junior’s for a slice of rich, creamy goodness. The spongecake crust was definitely a surprise but it was a delicious one.

On Tuesday, we had a chance to meet up with a friend of ours. She showed us around Soho and a few of her favorite spots. One of which was Little Italy. There I enjoyed a piece of authentic New York style pizza from New York and we even headed over to Caffe Palermo for one of Baby John Delutro’s famous cannolis.

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6 thoughts on “Pretty Powerful Winner

  1. Brittany,

    You look so beautiful! This looks like such an amazing trip and contest to win. No one could be more deserving.



  2. Brittany, I can’t tell you how proud we are of you. I had no doubt that you would win. Glad you got to walk the streets where many of your family members were born, grew up and worked including myself. It looks like your trip was amazing and your video was great. Make up does make me feel confident, Love you. Titti Juanita


  3. Brittany looks beautiful in the pics above and her “pretty powerful” personality shines through her blog posts! For the BB staff — I was wondering what make-up (eyeshadow shades and etc.) were used on her in the topmost picture? I have similar coloring to her’s and would love to *try* and recreate the look on myself at home. Thanks!


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