20 Pretty Powerful Years

I met Bruce Weber back in the Eighties on an Italian Vogue shoot. Bruce was so incredibly nice. As a newbie who was just getting started in the industry, I was understandably nervous and he instantly put me at ease. When it came to makeup, we were kindred spirits. He loved the fresh, unmade-up look (my style even back then) and used his camera to capture the natural beauty he saw in women.

To this day, we share a similar less-is-more aesthetic—so it was only fitting that we celebrate my company’s 20th anniversary with a photo shoot and film project. Click HERE to read more about the film project.

Last summer we brought together a pretty powerful group of women that included model and mother, Talisa Soto; Michele Kettner, a Brazilian drummer; Iris Apfel, an American fashion icon; Kyleigh Kuhn, an Afghan de-mining activist; Anne Marie Kortright, a frequent model for our seasonal campaigns; the philanthropist and businesswoman Cornelia Guest, and many others. We also had a surprise visit from Alec Baldwin, who we ran into at Nick & Toni’s.

The shoot took place outdoors in the Hamptons using almost exclusively natural light and as you can see from the behind-the-scenes video and pictures, everyone had a blast.

For the full article on Barneys.com click HERE. For the full article in Australian Vogue click HERE

For Bobbi’s 20th Anniversary Lip Palette, click HERE.

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2 thoughts on “20 Pretty Powerful Years

  1. I became a devote of Bobbi’s after purchasing a lip balm about 3 yrs ago at L & T. It was the FIRST time I did not
    suffer from chapped pealing lips all winter and fall. I wish I had purchased everyone they had because now I find
    out that Bobbi has discontinued the product. PLEASE PLEASE Bobbi bring it back. I have told so many people
    about your line and now I can’t even get the one product that made me a forever Bobbi woman. I also am a dedicated
    user of her foundation and brick blush. Love it that she has so many different shades, bronze to pink. Luv them all.
    How lucky we are that she has brought these innovative products for us. Truly FANTASTIC…………………….
    Thank you Bobbi.


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on February 28th, 2012

    Hi Ruth-Thanks for being such a loyal Bobbi Brown fan. We have great news to share…The formulas you love- Bobbi’s Lip Balm SPF 15 and Lip Balm are both still available. Click here to find: http://bit.ly/BBLipCare.


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