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I don’t know if it’s the influence of my three sons, or because it keeps me going during tough workouts, but one of my secret pleasures is hip-hop music. (Last year, I went on stage with Flo Rida at one of his concerts, and I still consider it one of my favorite memories.) So when we found out a few weeks ago that Jay-Z would be performing at Carnegie Hall, my husband bought tickets for our entire family (not to mention, the proceeds of the ticket sales went to the United Way of New York City and the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation).

Perhaps for the first time in Carnegie Hall, there were just as many tuxedos as there were wayfarer sunglasses, and we all waited impatiently to hear our favorite hits. Everyone sang along when Alicia Keys came out to accompany Jay-Z in “Empire State of Mind,” and the highly-anticipated “Glory,” was my favorite of the night.  During an encore, he even ran up to the 3rd tier to perform and dance with some fans- everybody went crazy!

I left feeling energized, and couldn’t wait to get home to add a few new songs to my workout playlist. What are your Jay-Z favorites?


Here’s a great re-cap of the night: www.vulture.com

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5 thoughts on “Jay-Z

  1. “Guilty pleasure” indicates that you find pleasure in something you feel guilty about, ie smoking cigarettes despite all of the warnings, or eating hamburgers from McDonald’s despite how grossly horrible they are for you. Hip hop should NEVER be a guilty pleasure. It should just be a pleasure. Calling it a guilty pleasure indicates that you shouldn’t be listening to it, and that’s just insulting to the hip hop community.


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on March 26th, 2012

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  2. Yes!! Bobbi Brown x Jay, Nas, and Alicia!!!
    I love all of Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint 2 and 3, and all his songs with Beyonce :)


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