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Aside from perhaps a fresh plate of crudités or a sparkly necklace from J.Crew, there are few things I love more than coffee. I look forward to my espresso every single morning, and when I’m traveling, I’m always on the lookout for the closest Starbucks to get my fix. And no matter what new diet or cleanse I’m on, my first question is always, “Can I still drink coffee?”

After years of trying different coffee shops, my favorite java is from Nespresso (George Clooney is their spokesperson abroad– need I say more?). My favorite flavors are Ristretto and Arpeggio, which are both full-bodied, strong espressos.  I usually take it with just a drop of half and half.

Their mini espresso machines make great gifts, and I think I’ve converted most of my colleagues into loyal Nespresso drinkers too.

While I prefer to drink my coffee hot, a friend of mine recently introduced me to Grady’s Cold Brew. Just in time for the warm weather sweeping over New York, Grady’s has an amazing chicory blend that tastes really good over ice.

Grady’s is a New Orleans-style coffee that reminds me of my trip to the colorful city. When I went to New Orleans with my husband, one of my favorite stops was at the famous Café du Monde. People come from all over just to get their incredible coffee and beignets, which are served piping hot from the oven and are covered with powdered sugar… only on vacation in a city like New Orleans would I have this treat!

Even though I’m partial to my Nespresso, I’d love to know -what’s your favorite coffee shop?



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12 thoughts on “Coffee Addict

  1. When my husband and I lived in MN, I started going to Dunn Bros. coffee because it was an independent coffee roaster and besides loving their coffee, I liked their ethics. Now that I live in the Hamptons, I live for my cup ‘o Joe from Coffee Tauk in Montauk, where it just so happens that you can get the best gelato around!!!


  2. Hi Bobbi,

    Starbucks for a real coffee lover like yourself? No way! You’ve got to try Peet’s Coffee! Check out their website for locations.


    Amanda Reply:

    Reply on September 22nd, 2012

    Agreed. Peet’s is the cat’s meow.

    But here in the Bay Area, we are fortunate to have not only Peet’s which prevails over Starbucks any day, but a plethora of other companies and roasters.

    If you want the creme de la creme, Blue Bottle Coffee, Ritual Coffee, Barefoot Coffee Roasters, and Verve Coffee Roasters are the kids to beat! In Southern California, it’s Intelligentsia. They are all brilliant and delicious!


  3. I live in the Seattle area. Home of the original Starbucks and everything in between. Lots of great choices whatever your mood. When I do coffee, I love a soy latte or caffe’ misto. When I feel like tea, I order a Zen (green tea w/ a hint of mint) soy misto.


  4. Hi Bobbi,

    I am also a big Nespresso fan! I love Ristretto and Roma, but their decaf version is also very good. Love your blog!


  5. Hi Bobbi,

    I am also a big Nespresso fan! ,specially their decaf version is also very good. Starbucks’coffee isn’t a real coffe for me.
    I love tea rather in versions that can be chosen according to its strength or its taste or smell
    I Love your blog and I always learn something


  6. Nespresso? As in Nestle coffee? Will have to check that out if I’m ever in NYC.

    I’m also from the Seattle area and when I was in college used to work as a barista for both Starbucks and later at Tully’s which is another Seattle based company. Here we’ve got coffee bars everywhere and even those drive thru coffee booths/huts. I’d like to think that we’re NOT a coffee addicted state but I think we are. lol! I’m a big fan of Tully’s as it’s not as harsh as SBux and it’s nuttier tasting.


  7. I just won as I present. Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine are great! Nespresso craeetd a standard that offers a fast, clean and thick coffee. I loved it. But, my traditional espresso machine is better yet.


  8. I love independent coffee shops and when you find a person that can make an excellent coffee drink and you can feel their energy and love in it then that is the best where ever that happens to be……:) Enjoy your coffee in the mornings and your man at night too……:)

    Melissa Lee


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