Orange Crush

It felt like Spring today – so I wore my bright orange shirt. Turns out I’m not the only one in an orange mood – I saw it everywhere – lipstick, shoes, nail polish. So I decided to do a color posting – my tribute to fiery orange. -XO, Bobbi

Our Atomic Orange lipstick was so popular it sold out online…but you can still get the Citrus Lip Gloss. It’s

citrus season- so we’ve stocked our kitchen with tangerines.

Try this- Ombre Nails

I snapped a pic of Mai’s desktop calendar- she’s one of our designers. She says, “I put the orange dots on my

calendar so I know how many days I have til the weekend! (Not that I hate working ;p)

Handy little supply bag by Supreme.

Snapped this pic back in Austin- love that town.

Checkerboard Vans.

Here’s a drink for Freaky Friday.


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7 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. Bobbi…..You look so beautiful and ready for spring in that bright orange! Where can I buy that great shirt? Love all the colorful blouses you wear. Are they all from the same designer?
    Thank you!


  2. I don’t normally like orange but seeing this has reminded me how beautiful it can be, not to mention how important it is for makeup artists! Colour corrections and bringing warmth into the cheeks ! Go ORange !


  3. I couldn’t love this post more – orange is my all time favourite colour! and I’ve been given HELL for it SO many times … now I’m just going to say ‘well Bobbi likes it, so ….’

    Thanks heaps!


  4. I’m wearing sand pink blush but the orange over powers everything. This shirt is Celine bu all my others are jcrew!


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