Opening In Chile

When I started this brand 20 years ago, I never dreamed it would make its way to the farthest corners of the earth, places I’ve never even been. So when we opened our first free-standing store in the bustling metropolis of Santiago, Chile it was like a dream come true. Chile is home to so many amazing things: the snow-capped Andes mountain range…

the Moais on Easter Island…

delicious Chilean wines…

-and now our latest boutique.

XO Bobbi

To celebrate the grand opening, we hosted an in-store party on February 23rd, where Rogelio Reyna, Director of Education and Artistry for Florida, Puerto Rico and Latin America, was on-hand with a talented team of BB Artists to offer free makeovers to guests. There was so much excitement in the air—and even a few celebrity sightings.

Here are some snapshots from this fun-filled event.


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6 thoughts on “Opening In Chile

  1. Hey Bobbi, this is really great news! I love your success story and all the joy and happiness you give to women around the globe. I’ve only become to know your brand a few years ago but I know it was the best thing to find. I love your philosophy on beauty, you’re real inspiration. I hope you’ll open a store in Slovakia one day, too. If so, let me know the first–I’ve been spreading the word for quite some time and I definitely would again. :)


  2. So that’s Rogelio. Whenever the counter girls would talk about him, they’d practically swoon over how good he always smells!


  3. when i was in bobbi brown i learn alot as a make up artist of bobbi brown i learn how important the concealer is, the proper way to use the brushes, i thank bobbi brown that early 2000 im part of the bobbi brown philippines . thankyou so much.


  4. Hi Bobbi! I’m from Chile and I just wanna say thank you for share with us your brand, the products are amazing. I’m a fan.
    I hope to see you soon in Chile!!


  5. Me Encantaron estas fotos, la apertura de esta tienda fue increible.y en chile nos esta llendo muy bien, para mi trabajar en bobbi es una gran experiencia. I Love Bobbi


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