The Artist

Almost everyone in our office has had their portrait done by Donald Robertson, our Head of Creative Development—it’s practically a rite of passage when you start working here. Donald is one of the most talented people I know – he came to us by way of Estee Lauder and M-A-C (two of our sister companies), with stints at some of the world’s most stylish magazines like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

When Donald’s not busy driving the creative direction of our brand, you can often find him sketching in his office – executing another fantastic 30 second illustration of whatever it is you need.  He can even carry on a conversation as does it – it’s crazy.  What’s best is he has this exuberant, laugh-and-the-world-laughs-with-you attitude. Everyone loves him. Here’s a pic of us together at a shoot. – BB

His creations run the gamut from high-fashion illustrations where everyone looks 7 ft. tall and gorgeous to the whimsical graphics you may remember from our Pretty Powerful 2.0 campaign. Check out some of my favorite DR originals here:

Lady Ruba, our VP of Creative sporting her signature stripes and Atomic Orange lips.

The elegant Maureen, head of not one, but three companies – smart cookie…

The glamorous L’Wren Scott – Donald drew this for her as a thank you for dressing me in her beautiful sparkly cardigans for my 20th Anniversary embassy events in London.

Kelly- our lovely Brit in Digital Marketing & E-Commerce.

Alexis, my Exec. Director of PR – you may remember her from our Pretty Powerful campaign…

V – my head of Global Communications, who looks ready for the Hamptons.

The very chic MC- our fantastic copy-writer.

Kathleen – our online designer, looking very Madeline.  Can you tell she used to be a ballerina?

Kim, our lovely Director of Artistry and her dog Sammy.

Lady Liberty.

Gorgeous Margita, who makes sure the stores never run out of Bobbi Brown products.

The multi-talented Deb, who contrary to appearances, does not actually walk around with bags of cash.  She does, however, moonlight as a singer/dancer on Broadway.

Matt- our other favorite Brit, who is Director of Social/Digital Marketing.  He talks just like the Geico gecko– swear to god.

Remember these? Donald did all of our Valentine’s Day wallpapers this year.

The movers and shakers at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics… Maureen Case, Per Neuman and that’s me in the pink scarf.

Donald’s Ad Markers.

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11 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. LOVE, love, love these! Donald, you rock! The “lipsticks” shot needs to be turned into a shelf liner or wallpaper. I so need it for the back of my closet or to pretty up a drawer or two…

    Kudos and keep up the great work!


  2. These are FABULOUS! He does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the person, in a wonderfully flattering way, too. Just one question: Who are the two women pictured above Kim and Sammie? I’m guessing that’s Kimrose’s chic angled bob and Tanya’s long, glorious hair. Could I be right?


  3. Hello Bobbi, Donald and staff.
    Whimsical, lovely, colorful and beyond.
    I have “outside the box” cards to share with you. Drawing on corrugated card stock saying “Don’t think outside the box” and Mona Lisa responds…”What’s outside the box?”
    When you open the card it says “Exactly”
    Another one cuz maybe you love the idea. Mona Lisa says once again, “Don’t think outside the box!” Open the card and it says…….”It’s just another box.” OY. I want to send them to you. Where to send?


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