Bill Cunningham

William J. Cunningham (born 1929) is a fashion photographer for The New York Times, known for his candid street photography.

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to meet a lot of really cool people. A few weeks ago, I ran into Bill Cunningham, one of New York City’s most notable fashion photographers. Known for his candid and street photography, Bill started taking photos of New York’s fashionistas long before the age of bloggers and social media.

As Bill and I got to talking, he told me about Bill Cunningham New York, a documentary film that came out last year about his extraordinary career. Bill is famous for being discreet and almost invisible when he takes photos on the street – and the film was shot the same way.

The movie was made without a crew to speak of—just the directors using small handheld cameras so that Bill could go about his life normally. There wasn’t even a shooting schedule – the directors showed up wherever Bill was, without any idea of what might happen.

Since I often work in fashion, love New York, and enjoy a good movie, Bill Cunningham New York is definitely next on my must-watch film list.



See Bill’s On The Street slideshow on The New York Times

See a New York Magazine slideshow of Bill’s amazing work as a milliner in the 1950s

Read a 2009 article about Bill in The New Yorker

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6 thoughts on “Bill Cunningham

  1. Dear Bobbi.
    I am inspired everyday to punch in to my shift, and play, educate and connect with our customers. I left the line for a minute to be a Beauty Stylist for Nordstrom, and wardrobe everything from everywhere. While I believe that no one in makeup can be an absolute purist…BB is my home and is where I want to spend my day.

    Thank you for the awesome post on Bill Cunningham!!! I could listen to him and watch him in action all day. I know he’s urban legend in your neck of the woods and in fashion country. But Bill and his bike are newer treasures for us gals in the burbs to discover. Can’t wait to post your piece on him to my wall and tell people to Netflix now!

    Take care, Holly


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