Martha Stewart

I’ve always been a Martha Stewart fan. From her monthly magazine to her TV show and many books, just about everything she does inspires me. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when asked to appear on her show last Wednesday to talk about three of my makeup must-haves: concealer, foundation and blush.

Thanks, Martha, for having me on. I hope to come back and try my hand at cooking (Martha’s on-set kitchen is to die for). -BB

Bobbi applying concealer to our model Marie Claire
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5 thoughts on “Martha Stewart

  1. As a result of watching Bobbi Brown on The Martha Stewart Show, demonstrate how to correct and conceal dark under eye circles, today I visited the one store in my city that sells Bobbi Brown products. I suppose I spent more on four products than I have spent on cosmetics in many, many years, but oh my gosh! The make-up artist at the store applied everything and I can’t believe how good I look (if I do say so myself). I purchased corrector, the concealer kit, Extra Eye Repair Cream and Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm. I kept looking in the rear view mirror as I drove home. I can’t believe the purple circles are less noticeable and the rest of my face looks really moist and, okay, I’ll say it, dewy. I just hope I can replicate the look on Monday morning. The make-up artist was very friendly, extremely helpful, making sure I watched every step; and, I most appreciated that she wasn’t pushy. In my fifty-plus years, I’ve never been one to wear a lot of make-up, but, as gravity sets in, it’s time to do best with what I have left. Thank you for an enjoyable experience.


  2. Is Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation a new launch or should it be Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation bottle?


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on January 30th, 2012

    That was our little mistake! We meant to include a pic of the Skin Foundation SPF 15- good catch. You must know your Bobbi product inside and out. -Bobbi Team


    mila Reply:

    Reply on January 31st, 2012

    :-) I just adore Bobbi Brown. Simply the best foundations out there and I’m so grateful for the fairer shades. Skin Foundation is so amazing and natural.


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