George Wayne

Cover of Vanity Fair November 2011

I was recently interviewed by the hilarious George Wayne in the November issue of “Vanity Fair.” Known for his candid—and often irreverent—questions , George tried to make me blush by talking about everything from how I got my start to the Royal Wedding.

Read on to see how I fared in the interview and what happens when “off the record” isn’t. -BB

Q&A for Vanity Fair with George Wayne

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4 thoughts on “George Wayne

  1. Poor “pushy PR mullah”…Your people all love you so much that they try and protect you, but you don’t need protecting from anyone, as far as I can tell!! Great interview, Bobbi. And you handled the “[What] would you suggest to KM question with aplomb.


  2. Bobbi, I just read the Vanity Fair article, and I admit I cringed when I saw who was interviewing you. George Wayne plays rough! But you came off great. You sound just as genuine and real as you do when I watch you on QVC. Good job!


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