OMG yum.

These are the greatest crackers ever. Seriously. Totally gluten free and loaded with Omega-3’s from all those flax seeds.

Here are my favorite ways to eat them:

1)  Dill Flackers with fresh mozzarella, cucumbers, heirloom cherry tomatoes and a little sea salt and cracked pepper

2)  Savory Flackers with fresh sliced avocado, tomato and cracked pepper

3)  Mix a little grilled chicken with dried cherries, dried apricots, chopped celery and toasted almonds.  Then toss it with a little olive oil, cider vinegar, honey mustard, salt, pepper and some oregano.  Tastes great on the Rosemary Flackers.  Another chicken option-  mix the chicken with red marinated olives, fennel and squash.

4)  Classic Italian Style- fresh mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil if you have it– I couldn’t find good basil so I substituted watercress.  Good on Savory Flackers.

 Here are three more ways to enjoy-

1)  Savory Flackers in spicy hummus

2) Rosemary Flackers in Mushroom Barley Soup- omg yum…

3) They are coming out with new sweet Flackers– cinnamon and currents!  Try with almond butter and sliced apple or just drizzle on some organic honey

If you’re looking for a health challenge– try this

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14 thoughts on “OMG yum.

  1. Oh my word! I’ve been buying “Flackers” since they were put on the shelves @ Whole Foods, I luv, luv, luv them, I had no idea the recipe and production came from you Dr. Alison Levitt!
    I’m now living in the middle of the woods by the Canadian border, writing and happened to see Marilyns’ congratulatory remark to you on facebook and for some reason followed the “scent” and unraveled the puzzle. Been tring to find a place to buy them up here, can’t, will be back in the Twin Cities in July and will load up then!
    Anyway, nice to put the face to the creator, thank you!
    Holly in the Northern Tier


  2. Try the dill Flackers with a lemon artichoke pesto, a couple of pinches of micro greens and seared Ahi tuna…so dee-lish!


  3. Visiting my daughter here in Chicago from Australia. I just luv flackers. Just hope I can buy them online when I get back to Aus.


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