My Father’s Stories

I grew up listening to my father’s wonderful bedtime stories about Marceau, a New York City taxi driver who regaled his passengers with fanciful tales of his adventures. For his 70th birthday a few years ago I surprised my father with a bound copy of his stories—and soon afterwards he decided to pursue his dream of being a children’s book author.

His first book, The Flights of Marceau: Race to the Rescue, is filled with all the tales that I grew up with and I give it to every kid I know. My father always used to say that creativity and imagination is everything and he was so right. -BB

Excerpt from How the Sparrow Stopped the Tornado by Joe Brown

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2 thoughts on “My Father’s Stories

  1. How exciting to have a father that at and older age decided to write the stories he use to tell to you as a child.. Nothing more heart felt than that… Send our love to him…



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