To Our Moms

My mother, Sandy Cain ~

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she inspired me to follow my passion. After my first year of college, I told my mom that I wanted to drop out because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. My mom said to me, “Bobbi, imagine today is your birthday. If you could do anything, what would it be?”  I told her I would want to go play with makeup at Marshall Fields (a local department store in Chicago). She said, “Why don’t you research schools where you could study makeup?” This ultimately led me to Emerson College, a college that allowed me to major in theatrical makeup and minor in photography. When I found Emerson, I found myself—and I owe that discovery to my mother’s intuition and guidance. Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! –  XO Bobbi

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to give the people in my company the chance to celebrate their mothers here on my blog, for the world to see. I asked them to  submit their favorite picture of their mom and to complete this sentence, “My mom is Pretty Powerful because….”.  I was really moved by their responses, below:

Melanie’s mother, Susan Glickman

Melanie Glickman is our Global Marketing Administrator

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she has a unique ability to make anyone feel special. From her family and friends to her first grade students she can make you feel loved and appreciated. She is warm, thoughtful, smart but most of all inspires me to be a better person every day.  I chose this picture because I think my mom looks beautiful, calm, and confident.  I always love candid shots because they capture you so naturally.

Kelly’s mother, Donna Grgich

Kelly Grgich is our Public Relations Coordinator

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she taught us not to sweat the small stuff –  when life hands you lemons, you have to laugh.  I chose this picture because it shows just how effortless the love between a mother and her children can be.

Alexis’s mother, Blanca Bonilla

Alexis Rodriguez is our Public Relations Executive Director

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she raised my sister and me by herself and made great sacrifices in her life to ensure we had the same opportunities as everyone else.  She taught me what true integrity, selflessness, tenacity, respect, strength and independence look like. I’m so proud to have been raised by an incredibly strong woman.  I chose this picture because it was one of the most precious moments I’ve ever shared with my mom, when she walked me down the aisle at my wedding.

Lyndsey’s mothers, Susan Bluver and Lynn Wiater

Lyndsey Bluver is our North America Marketing Coordinator

My moms are Pretty Powerful because their relationship is inspiring, their happiness is contagious and their love, overwhelming.  I chose this picture because I have this picture hanging on my wall next to my vanity, and every morning when I am getting ready it makes me smile and feel close to them, even though they are far away.

Kristen’s mother, Catherine Ann Boscaino

Kristen Boscaino is our Global Artistry & Events Associate

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she has always loved me unconditionally and supported me in every step of my life. She has always been my style icon and she passed along her signature gold hoops which are now my signature earrings that I cannot live without!  I chose this picture because my mom has shared so many vivid memories about this time in her life; from her job at MetroMedia to when she first met my father. But somehow fashion and trends always got brought up, whether it was the Wing-tip eyeliner, Beehive hair style, to Pencil pants! I feel this picture truly represents her amazing style in that era, which influenced my passion for fashion & beauty.

Gretchen’s mother, Betsy Berra

Gretchen Berra is our Communications Manager

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she is extraordinarily beautiful on the inside as well as out.  I chose this picture because it depicts the unfaltering love my mother has shown me my entire life.

Melissa’s mother, Daisy Tam

Melissa Tam is our Global Brand Supply Chain Manager

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she looks fabulous at 60! My mom (also known in my family as mother, ma, mommy, maaaa, mummy – whichever one gets her attention) takes on many hats but most importantly, has always been there and supported me in everything I have done. She showed me the importance on how to be confident, playful and thankful in life. Love you mom and thank you for always being there for me, no matter what the time of the day! I chose this picture because this was the first time I brought my mom out to my neighborhood wine and cheese hang out spot on a Friday night.

Lisa’s mother, Jane Hokans

Lisa Hokans is our Social/Digital Creative Producer

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she is the heart of our family – her strength, her wisdom and mostly her wonderful sense of humor hold our very large family together.  She is the keeper of all our stories and the reminder of the unconditional love and acceptance that makes our family special.  I chose this picture because it shows my mom’s joyous spirit and her beautiful smile.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  XO

Kelly’s mum, Susan Stanley

Kelly McDonnell is our Global Online, Social and Digital Marketing Manager

My mum is Pretty Powerful because she raised my sister and I as a single parent in England for eighteen years and growing up we never went without the best of the best. She worked seven days a week to provide a beautiful home for us and never once showed signs of struggle or weakness – looking back I realize how tough it must have been. She kept her personal life as a single woman very separate while we grew up and dedicated herself to being a mother. When I turned 18 she moved to the US and found the love she deserved with my step-dad – and he really treats her like the queen of England! She is the most independent, driven and strong woman that I have ever met and is truly my inspiration. When I come up against a challenge in life or work, I think about what my mum would do and I find the strength to keep going.  I chose this picture because it shows her maternal pride as a grandmother to my niece. She looks beautiful and happy, it makes me smile.  So to my Pretty Powerful Mum – Thank You! We LOVE YOU! Happy Mother’s Day XO.

Cassandra’s mother, Maria Salgado

Cassandra Garcia is our Resident Artist, New York

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she is my shining light when I am I find myself in the dark.  I chose this picture because my mom had come to visit from San Diego and were visiting the Guggenheim Museum. We are always laughing and this was the only picture that we both had our eyes open ha!

Karen’s mother, Mary Anne Hayes

Karen Hayes is our Global Marketing Color & Trend Director

My mom is Pretty Powerful because of all the different facets that make her who she is. Beneath her gentle demeanor lies a sharp negotiator and a fierce political debater. In our family she is known as much for her epicurean cooking as for her smarts and her tenacity (particularly in a friendly game of Scrabble). She is the essence of Pretty Powerful and my #1 beauty icon! Why I chose this picture: This picture has always been one of my favorites, since I was a little girl. It captures my mother’s gentle and serene nature, not to mention her timeless beauty.

Donald’s grandmother, Gladys Coutts

Donald Robertson is our Senior Vice President of Global Creative Development

My grandmother is Pretty Powerful because she got me into these lederhosen – embarrassing.  I chose this picture because it’s the only one I could find.

Donald’s mother, Patricia Robertson

My mom is Pretty Powerful because she flew in from Toronto Canada, to join the rest of NYC it seemed, at the Waldorf Astoria to celebrate the ongoing GREAT WORKS of Evelyn Lauder’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I chose this pic because it was snapped a few nights ago at the BCRF Gala.   Also, because my mom says that after you turn seventy a blurry pic isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Team BB made her over in my office and made her feel like a million bucks!

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3 thoughts on “To Our Moms

  1. As an avid lover and follower of Bobbi Brown over my 10 years as a freelance makeup artist in Georgia, I want to say up front, how thankful I am you have a blog now!!! After having each of my 3 kids, I was worried I couldn’t keep up my makeup artistry work. But I did keep going with my freelance biz and started my own beauty blog 3 years ago as a way to stay in the beauty loop and share my knowledge and experiences with others. Why? Because I knew having children didn’t stop you as a mom and entrepreneur, and your success and determination has been extremely encouraging. So from one mother to another, I am thankful for YOU sharing your stories through your books (I have read them all!), which has been a major source of inspiration for me.


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