The Real Jersey Shore

Lately, it seems the only things to come out of New Jersey are fist pumps and cat fights (who knew housewives could be so hostile?). So, with Bobbi as our resident midwest gal-turned-New Jerseyan—she was featured in the book, Jersey Girls: The Fierce and the Fabulous, after all—we felt it high time to set the record straight: There’s more to the Garden State than reality TV!


Small in square-miles (N.J. ranks 47th in the US in size), this little state boasts a ton of fun from seven wine trails—and over 50 vineyards— to the candy-colored Victorian homes along Cape May. In fact, just across the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan is one of the Big Apple’s best-kept hiking secrets: New Jersey’s Palisades Park, a little slice of nature just a bike ride away. Also, did you know Atlantic City was the birthplace of the Miss America pageant back in 1921?  Plus, with one Ivy League university and three Ikeas, we like to think Jersey has beauty, brains and great DIY bookshelves. What’s not to love?

And while you may be familiar with New Jersey’s most-talked-about natives like Jon Bon Jovi and Asbury Park poster-boy, Bruce Springsteen, how about some of the lesser-known Jersey boys and girls, like Jack Nicholson, Judy Blume and James Gandolfini (ok, the last one kinda makes sense). Even Academy Award-winning Meryl Streep, the epitome of smart style and a total class act, was born right in Summit, NJ.

Also, weird fun fact: New Jersey is one of only two states where you can’t pump your own gas (hence, Bobbi’s hot pink tee below). How about that.


Ok, ok, we’ll admit: we’re equally obsessed (or repulsed) by the NJ-based reality shows as the rest of the world, but let it be known that the real Jersey shore has some of the most beautiful coastline in all the land—a few friends in our office even say it’s better than the Bahamas. For Bobbi, her go-to sandy spot is Bay Head. Its sugar-white shores and crystalline waves are why she loves the beach so much—and was inspired to create her collection of beach fragrance products… for those days when she can’t make it to the sand and surf.

But when she does finally get to Bay Head, you can be sure Bobbi’s all about rest and relaxation.

So, we put the question to you, our readers: what’s your favorite thing about New Joisey?

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3 thoughts on “The Real Jersey Shore

  1. Please don’t call it New Joisey. Some areas of Hudson County do have an unusual accent, but the rest of the state is cool with JERSEY. I luv my bayfront property in Lanoka Harbor. Its so peaceful and quiet, you could hear the crabs crawling. CA Harrison(Hudson County) and Lanoka Harbor


  2. Ocean City, hometown of my husband. Great beaches and awesome boardwalk! Raised on Maui, college in So Cal, and currently living in Sonoma I know a thing or two about beaches. Upon my first visit there to meet the family, during Christmas while my husband and I were still dating, I was not impressed, infact quite bewildered at the deserted town. What’s so great about this place? Fast forward 20 years and three kids later, Ocean City remains our favorite Summer spot. Aside from spending time with family I love it because it’s such a different phenomenon to be at the ‘shore’ than at the beach anywhere on this planet. It’s like the Americana Summer with Saturday move in/out days, jammed packed beaches litered with colorful umbrellas and beach towels, happy people, of all shapes and sizes, just having a wonderful time. Adorable and Abercrombie-like cabana boys and the young lifeguards, guys and gals, sitting up on those iconic lifeguard stands..which my teen kids have particularly enjoyed over the years. Love the boardwalk, especially at night! Crowds of families, many with strollers, teens hanging and cruising, college kids in their collegiate shirts, and the older crowd who just love the energy and exuberance of the boardwalk scene in general. Mac n Manco thin sliced cheese pizza, Kohrs Brothers custard ice cream, Johnson’s popcorn, Del’s greasy, but yummy burgers, concerts at the Music Pier, Flander’s haunted hotel, the big pink Port O Call hotel, Castaway Cove and Wonderland amusements. In all fairness, I love Hoboken, Atlantic city, where my husband used to work in room service at the Sands, Cape May, hoagie sandwiches, fab tomatoes, and not having to pump my own gas. We have brought many naive west coast families to the shore with us who have also been converted into loving the great tiny state of NJ…


  3. We always went to Point Pleasant, NJ. Years later we found Lon Beach Island and that has been our go to place for the last 50 years. It is paradise on earth.


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