Tourist Day II


The last time I played tourist in New York City with my Euro Boys (AKA exchange students), I had so much fun I couldn’t wait to do it again—this time with Samantha, my niece, and her best friend Hanah. Both high school juniors in Nebraska, they wanted a quintessential Manhattan afternoon with just us girls.

We kicked things off at The Plaza Hotel, a popular backdrop for many a Hollywood movie. With sightseeing on the schedule, it seemed a good idea to fuel up—with a bit of fancy finger sandwiches and tea (when in Rome, you know). The girls were so impressed by the paper-thin cucumbers on the Eloise serving plate that we had to snap some Facebook pics of the presentation. All the pomp and circumstance is good for a giggle, too. As Samantha put it: “It was definitely a different experience.”

After posing with a framed portrait of Eloise in the lobby, we struck off for a stroll through Central Park. The shady trees felt really good in the summer tank-top weather and the park is always fun for people watching.

Next up: a pedi-cab through Central Park to Times Square. What better way to beat the heat than have someone else do the pedaling? Plus, you catch a good breeze (bonus point!). There’s something about whizzing by all the cabs and cars that calls for tons of picture-taking, especially of the self-portrait variety.

The final stop? Times Square: the epitome of New York City with its bright lights and nonstop buzz. Oh, and a certain Naked Cowboy too. (Cue the giggling again.)

After a busy day in the hustle and bustle, my niece Samantha said her favorite part of New York City is “being on a roof top and just looking down. I feel so at peace, and happy.”

I couldn’t agree more.


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