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To say I’m busy and always on the run is not a lie. I jet out of the house on most days without a stitch of makeup. I either do my makeup in the car or at my desk when I get to work. Truth be told, my favorite place is on the floor looking up into the light from a big window.

Since I make cosmetic bags, I’m always trying to improve both their function and style. I do seem to always go back to the staple black makeup bag that holds the perfect amount.

I’m also obsessed with handbags. I love a crossbody—it fits my petite frame and leaves my hands free. And I’m not ashamed to admit: I really love my fanny packs (I have a navy Prada one and I am thinking about getting the Gucci one). My kids call me “grandma” whenever we go on vacation and I whip out a fanny pack, but I don’t care—I’m really a hippie at heart!

Also, I always check up on cool new styles with Tina Craig on her blog, Bag Snob, who is a buddy of mine and the foremost expert on all things bags.

Marie Claire magazine even ran a fun feature on what’s inside my current favorite bag, my Hermès purse.

So, what’s inside my makeup bag today? Here you go:



– Mini Extra SPF Tinted Moisturizing Balm in Medium

– Mini Hydrating Gel Cream

– Mini Face Oil

Face Palette with corrector in Light Peach, Peach, Bisque, Natural, Natural Tan, and Warm Natural Foundation Stick

Creamy Concealer Kit

Bronzer lab sample

– Pale Pink Blush


– Mini Hydrating Eye Cream

Extreme Party & Perfectly Defined Mascara

– Espresso Ink Long-Wear Gel Liner

4 Pan Palette with Bone, Cement, Mahogany and Espresso Eye Shadow

– Mahogany Long-Wear Eyeliner Pencil


– Bare Sparkle High Shimmer Lip Gloss

Lip Liners in Brownie, Brownie Pink and Cocoa

– Mini Crystal Lip Gloss



– Mini Face Blender Brush

Dessert Twilight Mini Blush Brush

– Mini Eye Sweep Brush

– Concealer Blender Brush

Eye Liner Brush

Doing my makeup on the floor at The Today Show

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8 thoughts on “In the Bag

  1. Ha, I can totally relate about the handbag thing! At 5’3″, I’m glad the “giant” size bag trend seems to have run it’s course. As a mom, I always carried a smallish tote bag so I could toss whatever train/truck, bottle,or snack my son needed. Now that he’s past that stage, I can go with smaller bags (yay!) And just got Bare Sparkle lip gloss recently, love it!


  2. I love that you sit on the floor to do your makeup. Growing up, I had a spot in the house where I would do the same. My mom used to love to watch me. Great memory. I just adore my mom!


  3. Love the marie claire at work feature…what scarf is that from J Crew?


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on October 1st, 2012

    Thanks for being a fan. We don’t have a specific name on that scarf but definitely contact your local J Crew for more details.


  4. Wow, this is such a treat to see, even if only a glimpse of Bobbi applying her own make up. I would love to see a video of her making up her face. I remember years ago on Oprah’s website she featured a quick demo, but a full on instructional one, now that would be awesome. So pretty pretty powerful please! Oh btw, love your new book, inspirational and gorgeously executed in true BB style.


  5. I’ve been considering buniyg this palette for about a year. I was a little hesitant about purchasing it because I didn’t want to be disappointed in the pigmentation of the colors, and then have this kit of nearly useless eyeshadows just lying around. I watched numerous videos on YouTube with people using this palette, and finally decided to go ahead and give it a try. I am SO glad that I did! The colors really are as pigmented as they look, and all you need is one swipe of your brush, and you have all the color that you need. I use this along with Urban Decay Primer Potion, and it makes the color even more vibrant and it literally stays on ALL day without any fading or creasing. I put it on around 6 AM and it lasts until I take it off, usually around 10 PM. I haven’t tried it without UDPP, so I’m not sure just how long it lasts or if the color washes out a bit. A big plus for me is that this doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes; which is ALWAYS an issue for me when trying out new products.


  6. Hi, what is the shade of lipstick shown in the photo for Bobbi’s Bag? Thanks


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on December 6th, 2012

    That’s Bobbi’s signature Lip Color in Brown. It’s the perfect pinky brown tone that can be applied even without a mirror and blends effortlessly on any lip tone. Be sure to visit to get yours today.


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