Fashion Week Diary

Fashion Week descends on New York City twice a year—seven days of non-stop shows, parties and presentations (in other words, complete mania). This time around for the Spring 2013 season, the Bobbi Brown team was there for all of it: creating makeup for 14 different shows, with Bobbi leading six of them herself.

Fashion Week is always super busy—but what really put it over the top? Oh, just a little announcement introducing Katie Holmes as our brand’s first-ever celebrity face. The buzz put Bobbi’s schedule over the top, but she still made time to jot down a daily diary with the highlights for you, our blog readers.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Week Diary

  1. I saw a blog feature on the Billy Reid show and the makeup was particularly stunning. Is the face chart shown in this post (above) available for viewing anywhere? I didn’t see anything on facebook, etc. Thank you!


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on October 1st, 2012

    Thanks for your kind words! We didn’t post this particular face chat anywhere but here….so enjoy!



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