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I’ve already shared my own crazy-busy New York Fashion Week diary. Now, it’s time to hear from the Bobbi Brown Artists who joined me here in NYC from around the globe. You can also watch a quick video we made capturing the sights and sounds backstage and around the city. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and great energy—you made this season one of the best.



NAME: Rogelio Reyna  REGION: Latin America by way of Miami  YEARS WITH BOBBI: 13 

How long did it take you to travel to NYC’s Fashion Week? It’s been crazy! I was in Chile, which is a 10-hour flight to get to. Then flew back to Miami, another 8 hours. Had one day to repack my suitcase. Then 3 hours to jet to NYC!

Interesting fact about you?  I grew up in Oklahoma. Yes, I am an Okie. I love country music and can rock a pair of boots, but my passion has always been makeup and acting. My dream was to be an actor. (Now my mom says I just act up!)

Favorite Fashion Week moment with Bobbi? I love seeing Bobbi behind the scenes; it’s so inspiring to see her work with skin. She has an eye for color and creates perfect skin with ease. Her touch, her eye… they’re priceless.

What’s your favorite makeup “look” right now? Perfect looking skin that has a glow; not matte. I love a woman who can rock a bright lip, too—from bright red or pink or orange—to me, that means she has the confidence to conquer and that is pretty powerful!

Were there any funny moments from your trip you’d like to share? I was shopping at H&M on 5th Avenue and a group of about 12 tourists followed me to the men’s floor and one of them approached me and said, “Excuse me, are you Marc Jacobs?” Ok, maybe I don’t look like him, but hey, maybe it could help me to get into some VIP party! ;)

What’s your favorite Bobbi Brown shade?  I have been really loving Burnt Sugar Metallic—it’s a beautiful taupey, bronzy metallic powder eye shadow. You can create a lot of depth on the eye from very soft to a bronzy, smokey eye. And it looks great on all skin tones.


NAME: Desmond Tse  COUNTRY: Hong Kong  YEARS WITH BOBBI: 3

How long did it take you to travel to NYC’s Fashion Week? 16 hours

Favorite experience or memory about New York City?  The tour at the SoHo office was inspiring—every department has a very unique feel to it. Bobbi’s office is so artistic yet has a very understated elegance feel to it. I took a picture with myself kind of sitting at Bobbi’s seat, being Bobbi for few seconds—it was fun!

 Favorite Fashion Week moment with Bobbi?  The first moment I met Bobbi at the Marissa Webb show was ‘heart-jumping’. Looking at her doing a demo just a few feet away—she made it so effortless! Also, having breakfast with Bobbi at The Chowder Room was surreal. She is so real, down-to-earth and super adorable!

What’s your favorite makeup “Look” right now?  I love perfect-looking skin with the flush-like blush. No eyeliner, but with mascara and very soft structure for the brows and eye makeup. Modern, fresh with just a hint of sweetness!

Favorite restaurant, meal or food you ate while in New York City?  Usually, I don’t like big portions, but the pasta was yummy and the tiramisu was delicious at Carmine’s. I also love the fresh salad bars at Whole Foods and I would have bought all the lovely pots and jars at Eataly and Dean & Deluca (if not for the airplane luggage restrictions!).

Do you have any favorite products or makeup and skincare tips for traveling?  The Face Oil and Extra Balm saved my skin during my 16 hour flight—highly recommended, in fact, it’s a “must”! My skin always acts funny when I’m traveling since the faucet water is different, so the Cleansing Oil is my rescue too.


NAME: Double Tam  REGION/COUNTRY:  Greater China/Hong Kong  YEARS WITH BOBBI: 7

How long did it take you to travel to NYC’s Fashion Week? 15.5 hours

Favorite moment with Bobbi?  I am so glad that we, APAC artists, had a chance to have breakfast with Bobbi. She is a very kind person and she even showed us her new bag design! She told us that curiosity and the willingness to experience new things are the keys to success.

Did you go shopping? If so, what did you purchase?  I shopped at Urban Outfitters and bought two sweaters and a necklace. I will definitely go to back the next time I visit NYC!

Do you have any favorite products or makeup and skincare tips for traveling?  Bobbi Brown SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base: a must on the airplane—especially when sitting next to the window. We must always protect our skin against UV light!  Also, one of my favorite Bobbi products is the lip balm as the air is really dry on flights.

How do you unwind or relax after a long day at Fashion Week?  We went on the city tour which was arranged by NY artistry team and it was my first time to take this kind of bus. It’s so awesome to do sightseeing in this way. NY is a very unique city as you can find many old buildings as well as many new high-rise buildings at the same time.  Jet and I went to the MOMA museum.  I was very happy to be able to see the authentic work Of Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso.

Your favorite Fashion Week fashion show or presentation?  The most unforgettable show was Rafael Cennamo; I didn’t have to do this kind of creative make up for a long time and it was difficult to make it balance and also look good in limited time. But the hair style and make up made the look totally make sense. We all had so much fun!



How long did it take you to travel to NYC’s Fashion Week?  12 hours

Favorite experience or memory about New York City?  I was truly amazed by the professionalism and scale of an international fashion week. Makeup, hair, model, and styling teams all contributed their parts for the delivery of one single mission: showing wonderful team work.

Favorite Fashion Week experience or memory? The Rafael Cennamo show—Rogelio Reyna designed the makeup and the accentuated, curving, retro-like eye makeup created the perfect complement to the clothing’s Japanese-inspired elements.

Favorite moment with Bobbi?  It was my first time watching Bobbi doing makeup on models in person.  I always watch Bobbi on video, but this time I was actually watching her in real life—a dream come true. To my super-idol, Bobbi: You rock my world!  (I was also thrilled that Bobbi complimented my makeup on my first show!)

Did you go shopping? If so, what did you purchase?  I love Soho! It’s shopping-heaven. I bought a really cool riveted silver and copper bracelet made by a local designer there. And Abercrombie & Fitch is one of my favorites for casual wear, so for sure I didn’t miss any chance to buy as much as I could!

Were there any funny moments from your trip you’d like to share?  My colleagues and I decided to visit the Museum of Modern Art. We showed off our Bobbi Brown business cards and guess what: our tickets were free because we are from Estee Lauder! The museum was filled with famous paintings and art like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”; the painting put lighting, shadows, brushstrokes and different color hues together so beautifully.



How long did it take you to travel to NYC’s Fashion Week?  It took 18 hours, a very long yet worthwhile journey.

Favorite experience or memory about New York City?  I was impressed with the enormous energy and enthusiasm of New York City. Also, I love art. New York is like the greatest art library for me. I love going to museums. I love seeing the art of people here. I can be endlessly inspired by everything.

Favorite Fashion Week experience or memory?  The professionals and teamwork, plus the respect and trust for one another! I feel so honored—it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Everyone respected and believed in me, in my skills. I will definitely apply the NYFW experience to the upcoming ELLE Fashion Week in Bangkok.

If Fashion Week was a Bobbi Brown product, what would it be?  An empty pan palette that can be customized upon your needs or desires. In every fashion show, there are always new ideas, new inspirations, new visuals. There’s never fixed rules.

The one Bobbi Brown product you can’t live without either for your own personal use or professionally?  A Bobbi Brown brush is like my 33rd organ. Without it, none of those great makeup looks could be created. I also use it to share Bobbi’s philosophy and put beautiful colors on every woman I do makeup on.

Favorite moment with Bobbi?  Bobbi is simply a great person and pretty powerful. She has a great attitude toward everyone and everything and taught me so many great lessons. Every moment with her is my favorite moment.

Lastly, I just want to say: “Bobbi, thank you so much for creating this amazing makeup brand for us artists and for women around the world! You are awesome!”

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Week Tell All

  1. Hi, I have wanted to post a comment inspired by the “new” prettypowerful campaign, which makes sense in this post. I am truly amazed and inspired by what your are doing, by the real and strong testimonial and your support for real beauty and diversity. I am a make-up lover myself, love collecting colore and texture, and love a dramatic look. But it was so refreshing to look at the ladies’ transformations:essential, minimal, not overpowering the faces, but empowering them.
    Can’t wait to lend my hands on the book and try a p/p look on myself.


  2. How were the artists who did fashion week chosen?? I’m a new Bobbi employee and I’d die if I got that opportunity!!


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on October 5th, 2012

    Great question! These are Bobbi’s hand-picked Artists that assist her during Fashion Week. Be sure to chat with your Education Executive or Acct Executive about opportunities like this. Good luck!


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