When I was choosing women for my latest book, Pretty Powerful: Beauty Stories to Inspire Confidence, Danielle Diamond was at the top of my list. She’s got a great attitude about taking on new challenges—and looks amazing, too, thanks to her weight-training-meets-yoga program, Xen Strength. This past week, Danielle joined me and another fiercely strong woman featured in the book—champion women’s boxer, Keisher McLeod-Wells—on the Today Show to talk all about the meaning of Pretty Powerful (and that being strong and sweet aren’t mutually exclusive).  Here, Danielle shares a fun, inspiring story about conquering her fears and learning how to surf.




Everyone has an “a-ha” moment when they break free of a fear that’s holding them back; my most recent was just last week. I had to hold my slot in the “Pretty Strong” chapter of Bobbi’s new book, Pretty Powerful so I relied on my strength both physically and mentally.

I was on a retreat with 20 of the most pretty and powerful women I’ve ever met, and we’d planned to go surfing—all for the first time. That morning I began to have a slight panic attack. I’d nearly drowned in a riptide the year before, and my boys convinced me to watch a movie about a shark attacking a surfer before leaving (bad idea).

I had a choice, just like we all do in any moment: to go and face my fear or to sit by the pool and avoid it with a fruity drink. I took the advice I offer my students when facing a challenging yoga pose: take it step by step and FEEL the triumph of the end result, not the fear along the way.

I jumped into a familiar Warrior 2 stance on the surfboard, armed with only a few instructions from “Gnarly”, our instructor. I closed my eyes and imagined myself riding a wave to the shore and within minutes I was doing just that. The feeling as I jumped off the board and onto the sand was immeasurable. I’ve learned that it’s those a-ha moments that mold our outlook on life and make us feel Pretty Powerful, even if our idea of what that means doesn’t align with what the media touts.

Some women feel powerful as the CEO of a huge corporation, and some as CEO of their own household. Some feel pretty with a freshly washed face, while others love to wear makeup. Bobbi is one of those women who encompass it all—a powerful businesswoman and an extremely present mother and wife; plus she’s just as beautiful after a sweaty spin class as she is made up for the camera.  She has taught us all that to look good on the outside, we need to feel comfortable in our own skin and to me, that’s the most powerful “a-ha” of all.


Have you had an a-ha moment that made you feel Pretty Powerful? Share it with us in the comments below.





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6 thoughts on “A-Ha!

  1. I love this part Danielle: powerful as the CEO of their households. I also think we’re all CEOs of our bodies, and taking care of ourselves is crucial. I think you’ve got that down, and it sounds like Bobbi does too!


  2. Love this. Love you on a surf board! You are rockin’ it!
    My a-ha moment that made me feel pretty powerful was when my daughter woke up beside me in bed and looked at me and said – you are so beautiful mama inside and out.


  3. Beautiful. Powerful. Empowered!

    Incredible photos and I love that story. See the end result, not the fear driving you, I can imagine that woud put a smile on your face! You are beaming!



  4. Danielle,

    This, “to look good on the outside, we need to feel comfortable in our own skin” is so true! When we’re comfortable in our bodies we are SO powerful. Thank you so much for this post, so inspiring!


    Sarah Jenks


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