Green Machine

Marcin has been the Bobbi Brown chef for the last five years. I love him—he’s from Poland. He’s a surfer. And he makes the most amazing healthy food. (Marcin was also 50 pounds heavier before he figured out eating right and exercising is the only way to go.)

Whenever we serve food at the BB office for big meetings, special events or trainings, Marcin serves up a delicious spread (he makes it off-site and brings it in). We always have a couple healthy proteins like grilled chicken or shrimp, a green veggie and a fresh, flavor-packed salad like quinoa. Marcin even knows how to turn sweet treats into something good for you. I’m always obsessed with a healthy cookie and Marcin makes the best—watch his video here (he’s going to be a regular on the BB blog).  Click here for the recipe.

After eating healthy at the office all day, I try and keep up the good work at home. My Vitamix blender has been a kitchen game-changer—it’s the Cadillac of blenders—and it’s one of those things I can’t live without. Full disclosure: Vitamix gifted me a blender from their Professional 750 series. But I’ve been using—and giving—their blenders for years.

I make the quickest, easiest soups for dinner with it. Just veggie or chicken broth, any vegetable (my favorite is red pepper, but you can try spinach, kale, zucchini, etc) and blend it with unsweetened coconut milk. Add a pinch of sea salt, pepper and cayenne. Throw in some leftover diced chicken or beans—instant dinner! And then of course, there are smoothies. Marcin regularly visits to whip up fresh healthy smoothie’s for the Bobbi Brown employees.

Some of my favorite things to put in a smoothie are: – Rice or whey protein powder (anything chocolate) – Chia seeds (they’re rich in Omega 3s) – Raw cacao – Flax seeds—for good fatty acids and fiber too – Maca power—tons of vitamins, minerals and amino acids – RAW Fiber by Garden of Life (with probiotics and superfoods too) – Frozen kale – Frozen organic cherries

I also love the juice recipes over at the Conscious Cleanse Girls’ website. Jules and Jo know how to make a mean green smoothie. (I’m a fan of the Mama’s Energizing Trifecta recipe).

XO, Bobbi

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12 thoughts on “Green Machine

  1. Hi Bobbi, i love all of your articles they are so important, i really like you healthy foods (Green Machine) all the food looks so good and fresh. this is so powerful. Thank you


  2. Oh my word, Marcine’s cookies look so delicious and sound vibrantly healthy for a treat! Would be grateful if your next blog will provide the recipe as I’d love to ship some to my family, marathon runners, ironman competitors, expectant mom, lots of moms and dads, and dear ones all. Not to mention, we love cookies in our house and have an empty cookie jar waiting for healthy treats. Thanks for your blog, Bobbi!


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on November 16th, 2012

    Hi Becca, click here for his recipe:


  3. I amreally looking forward for the next post in this topic! Please, could you suggest alternatives for your vegan followers?


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