Scatter My Ashes at BG



Bergdorf Goodman is one special store.  It’s where I launched my 10 lipsticks over 20 years ago and it’s where I often buy special gifts for friends and family (ok and me too).  Located on chic 57th & 5th Avenue, it is both modern and classic yet rich with undeniable history as well.



This year BG celebrated its 111th year anniversary with a book “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman,” a documentary, many celebrations and one fantastic party.  The book has the stores rich history and a plethora of memories from Grace Kelly to Isaac Mizrahi.  Did you know the Muppets filmed a movie with Joan Rivers & Miss Piggy there?  Or that Grace Kelly ordered her wedding invitations there?



The book signing was open to their customers and many of us whose memories were in the book.  When I was there I signed with Gilles Mendel, Rachel Zoe, Naeem Khan, and Betty Halbreich- the longstanding infamous personal shopper to many including Estee Lauder herself.  I designed a special deluxe beauty trunk to honor the celebration in their iconic colors- purple and silver- filled with three tiers of cosmetics, worth $1000! The beauty trunk is featured on pg. 64 of their Holiday 2012 Catalog, check it out.

As we were leaving Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour arrived  and caused quite a stir.   Air kisses all around- my team needed to get to our Pop Up Shop for Fashions Night Out – not a taxi in sight- here’s a pic I snapped as they rode off in the sunset on a rickshaw.

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