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As a makeup artist, I’ve learned to trust my instincts rather than just follow rules. Sometimes a shimmery shadow doubles as a skin highlighter or a lipstick works on lips and cheeks. I can’t even count the times I’ve used a product for something other than what it was meant for. Ultimately, it’s about what works and what looks amazing.


That’s how the idea for the Shimmer Brick came about; I wanted a single compact with multiple shades that blended together seamlessly. Nothing like that existed at the time, not even for professionals. (Since then, a number of similarly styled compacts have come out, but there’s nothing quite like the original.)  I use it on cheeks and sometimes eyes for a gorgeous, luminous finish. It makes your whole face light up.

The first Shimmer Brick—which debuted in 2001 and customers still tell me is one of their all time favorites—was the Bronze compact. Over the years, we’ve added more shades including Nectar (a peachy set that’s almost as popular as the original), Beige, Pink, Rose and a number of Limited Editions including my favorite- Brownie. In the summer, people love Shimmer Brick for Body because it gives them that sunkissed look without the rays.


Given how much I love this product (if I were stranded on an island it would be on my list of things to bring) you can imagine how thrilled I was to open WWD and see a whole article devoted to it. I couldn’t wait to share so here it is. Hope you enjoy.





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6 thoughts on “Spotlight on Shimmer Brick

  1. Hello Bobbi,

    I so wish we start getting your line of makeup products in India, now that Sephora has recently opened its first store here, I am very hopeful. As and when your line of make-up is available here, shimmer brick will be the first thing that I will buy. I have always heard people, be they are MUAs or make-up enthusiasts, rave about shimmer bricks.


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on February 1st, 2013

    Thanks for the love and Bobbi hopes to be in India one day soon as well. In the mean time we hope you’ll contact a Bobbi Brown counter in a neighboring country to inquire about shipping options directly to you. Find a complete store listing + contact information here:


  2. I’ll go one step further, Bobbi, and say “There’s NOTHING at ALL like the original!” Keep on being original, yourself – That’s what we love about you.


  3. Hi Bobbi!
    I just love all your products. I wish your products would come regularly to Pakistan. I am a huge addict of your eyeshadow palette SHADOW OPTIONS. My fav in that are IRON AND FLINT plus the metallics there for dab on shimmer.
    Another palette i use is CHOCOLATE AND GOLD EYE PAINT PALETTE. Its fabulous for me as i have a golden wheatish complexion.
    I also use your shimmer brick compact and i own PINK QUARTZ. Some more are availabe in ISLAMABAD and i will buy the peachish one soon. They give a nice glow to my cheeks and cheek bones.
    I love your gel eye liners and i use the black one everyday. I summers i use your illuminating powder compact. Its sooooooo good just love it.


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