Hello Fresh Delivery

I love simple good food- fast.  I read about HelloFresh in the New York Times a few weeks ago and I signed up for a trial.  The food arrived by fedex.  Beautifully packaged, so incredibly fresh and ready to prepare.

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

I am not a recipe girl- I usually just look at amazing mouth watering pictures in cookbooks (love all Jamie Oliver) but HelloFresh has these clean photo recipe cards that are easy to follow and yummy.  A bonus- I learned a few things about cooking and seasoning along the way.

Hello Fresh Recipe Card

Click here to find out more about HelloFresh boxes.

Photos courtesy of Nadia Witte

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One thought on “HelloFresh

  1. I think that dish looks amazing. I am a vegetarian so I could simply replace the chicken, but if I was not a vegetarian I would totally eat that. I would love to try this out and have a friend or family member try it. I enjoy cooking from fresh foods and the more I learn the more I want to continue doing so.


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