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Summer Streets

It’s so great New York finally implemented their bike share program. The city has made progress on making biking more safe for riders, pedestrians, and drivers alike so the launch of the program came at the perfect time. Speaking of perfecting timing, if you’re not a huge biker or a little intimidated to bike in the city with all the traffic and pedestrians around, you should test out your first ride in the beginning of August when Park Ave is closed down from lower Manhattan all the way up to 72nd street. Summer Streets provides a safer environment for bikers and besides, it’s a fun activity for all ages.

Kathleen, one of my creative gurus, has been loving the new Citi Bike share program so I asked her to give us a little insight on what she loves so much. Check out her interview below.



Summer Streets

BB: What do you love most about Citi Bikes?

KK: I  own my own bicycle (a couple of them actually) but I love the convenience of Citi Bikes — I’ve been using them to commute to Bobbi Brown Headquarters on most days. Also, if something comes up after work or I want to grab dinner or drinks with friends, I never have to worry about the bike. Perfect for a one-way commute.

BB: Do you have any favorite places you like to bike?

KK: Well, since I live on the east side, I like biking on the East River Bike Path. Although the West Side’s path is pretty great too and if I’m feeling really ambitious – a bike all the way up to the palisades is quite the workout.

BB: Any other insight, tips, fun facts you’d like to share with us about your experience?

KK: In the beginning, no one really knew how to use them so I learned quickly that lifting up on the seat is a good trick if your bikes doesn’t want to come out of it’s dock and same goes for putting the bike back — make sure you see the green light when docking it to ensure it’s locked. One other kinda fun fact that I’ve learned, is that people are really interested in this program. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s new and something to talk about but almost every time I’m at a station either getting a bike or docking one — there are always cute men. Seriously! They always end up sparking up a conversation with me on what I think about the program, or if I’m a yearly member or a one-time user, etc. I’ve started to steer some of my single girlfriends towards riding the bikes more since it seems like a great meeting place.

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4 thoughts on “City Biking

  1. I don’t mind bikers, but aren’t they supposed to follow the rules of the road? There is a bike section on my way to work on a main road and I have yet seen one biker stop for stop signs or red lights, let alone use hand turn signals. One of these days someone is going to get hurt and it will be the driver’s fault. OK, rant over.


  2. I love the idea even though I am no longer working in NYC. I wish they would encourage adults to wear helmets more.


  3. Love this! Saw this in Europe this summer (or something quite like this) and it was very cool. We thought it was a fabulous idea, and everyone was doing this! xox


  4. You’ll notice that these docks are angled so the bikes take up a minimal amount of sidewalk width — to my eye it was about four feet, maybe a little less. Relatively few of the stations are going to be on sidewalks, but this should help preserve precious space for walking.


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