Touchdown and Out


At home, I’m always surrounded by boys, so I get to watch a lot of football—or rather, they do (it’s always on the big screen TV in the family room). Confession: I can’t really understand what happens—all those ups and downs (well, I guess just downs). And the time on the clock isn’t even real time (I do like a good halftime show, though). For me, my favorite part of football is that I get to make soup while all my guys watch the game, or surf my iPad and still get to hang. My hubby and I were recently invited to the Jets owner’s box at MetLife Stadium in Jersey and it was very cool and very green (in color, that is). Here’s a couple of iPhone snaps and some of my favorite green shades. Hmm, Astroturf as beauty inspiration? Maybe not.

Need to brush up on your football knowledge?  Check out this handy beginners guide to football from the NFL.

PS: Even though the Jets lost yesterday,  I still love cheering: Go Green!



Jets Game

Go Green

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2 thoughts on “Touchdown and Out

  1. I am a life-long Giants fan (I grew up and line now in NJ). My dad got me hooked in the early ’60′s with YA Tittle and Alex Webster. We are true to “Big Blue” in our house so there’s not much cheering this year. At least there will be a Super bowl game in our neck of the woods.


  2. Very cool; love the candy dish! Not a football fan, but I appreciate the whole “spectacle” of it. It’s a great opportunity to critique marketing ideas both big and small. And hadn’t noticed that they actually change the color of the lighting on the outside of the stadium – guess that’s just for games, because I don’t remember it like that for Bon Jovi :)



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