Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories

Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories

Women ask me all the time for tips on how to look younger. Of course, I understand—we all have moments when we want to turn back the clock. But I really believe that feeling your best is about being who you are, and that with the right makeup and tools any woman can feel confident, or what I like to call Pretty Powerful. Thanks to Good Morning America and the rest of the Makeover Dream Team, I spent the last three mornings sharing this philosophy with three incredible women who—more than looking younger—wanted to feel good about themselves again.

Glynette Ford, Nitza Lipp, and Leah Burg are beautiful, strong women who, for the last several years, have struggled with feeling confident and comfortable in their own skin. At 45, Glynette started being offered senior citizen discounts and was often mistaken for her daughter’s grandmother. During a 14-year battle with cancer, Nitza was focused on fighting for her life, not pampering herself, but her confidence had taken a serious hit. And Leah, whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer at just 1 year old, had put all of her energy into being a caregiver and had little left for taking care of herself.

This week, all three women made an important decision to start feeling better about themselves. And with the help of GMA and the the Dream Team, they were able to do just that. It’s amazing what a blow out, the right clothes, and a little makeup can do. I watched Glynette, Nitza, and Leah gain their confidence back in the course of an hour. It was completely inspiring.

Women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds have always been part of our DNA at Bobbi Brown. I love working with real women to be pretty, to be confident, to be who they are. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to hear more about these three remarkable women—I think they’ll inspire you, too.



P.S. There are lots of reasons why I love going to GMA, but one of them is definitely surprise sightings. Look who I found backstage…

Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories

  1. When I was working as a beautician, it was so satisfying to watch how a hair cut and style could completely change a woman’s demeanor. Great transformations on those three ladies, and wonderful to see them have such an increase in confidence!


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