Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar

Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places.

Last year, at a meeting in Telluride, one of my colleagues opened up a packet of Sugar in the Raw—I was immediately struck by the warm, bronzy color and the iridescent quality of the sugar crystals. I knew that it was the start of a collection. Summer is my favorite season, and the Raw Sugar Collection is all things summer—brown skin, hot sun, bare feet in the sand. You at your most unfiltered.

And speaking of summer—you’ll want to have super smooth, supple skin. I love to mix raw sugar with coconut oil in the shower as a really easy, homemade body scrub. It leaves my skin feeling amazing.

What’s the last thing that made you feel inspired?



Raw Sugar Collection

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3 thoughts on “Raw Sugar

  1. This collection looks so beautiful, I love it Bobbi! Inspiration does come from anywhere, doesn’t it? I’ve always loved your summer collections, especially your eye palettes.I remember I first noticed your makeup brand as a teen with your Chocolate Eye Palette, I remember thinking it was genius!


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