Makeup Break Up

Makeup Break Up

I love makeup—making it, applying it. I love how it makes women look, and most important, I love how confident it makes them feel. But can I share a little secret? I sometimes like to go without it.

We all have those days when we want a little break from our daily beauty routine. And while—if you’re cleansing properly—it’s not necessary to skip out on makeup, it can be refreshing to practice a little makeup minimalism. Here’s a quick guide to how you can dial back the product and still look Pretty Powerful.

Practice Healthy-skin Habits: I recently wrote about holistic skin care, and how you can eat, drink and move to promote your best skin. Taking excellent care of your skin, from the inside out, will make your “skip days” a lot more beautiful.

Cleanse: Use a gentle cleanser—like Soothing Cleansing Oil or Hydrating Rich Cream Cleanser—to remove dirt and traces of old makeup, so you can start with a clean slate. If you like, mix in Buffing Grains for a little exfoliation.

Moisturize: The key to looking fresh and glowy without makeup is a killer moisturizing routine. I recommend a rich, lightweight moisturizer and an eye cream—our cult-favorite Hydrating Eye Cream will do the trick. For extra sun protection, throw on a layer of Protective Face Base.

Frame: Curling your eyelashes and using a little brow gel will do wonders to open and define your eyes—no liner or mascara required.

Brighten: OK, permission to just lighten a touch under your eyes with an eye brightener. This can really transform your face, so if you’re battling dark circles, swipe on a bit of Tinted Eye Brightener.

Polish: Add a little polish to your “no makeup” look with a lip balm or a sheer lip gloss and pinch your cheeks.

You’re your prettiest on No Makeup Mondays—or any “no makeup” day.


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4 thoughts on “Makeup Break Up

  1. Funny but I actually wet the entire Memorial Day weekend with the Face Base SPF 50, corrector and lip balm. Today, I added bronzer and mascara. It’s too hot to deal with anything else. I agree, sometimes you need a break from the routine.


  2. I learned how to take good care of my skin when I was much younger and it has paid off now that I am older, (40s.) My skin looks good enough to need nothing more than a good moisturizer and lip balm, both with SPF of course, and maybe a bit of powder for the oily spots. I like the way I look barefaced, and even though I love to play with makeup to enhance my looks, I don’t feel like I have to wear it all the time. I’m comfortable in public either way and can get out the door faster when I need to.


  3. I love this idea and the product suggestions! I live in Colorado and it’s always nice to feel confident going “au naturelle.” I’m trying it today using moisturizers, sunscreen, concealer, brow gel and some Popsicle Sheer Lip Gloss. Will even curl my lashes for the first time since teen years (I’m 61). Will meet a friend for coffee soon.


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