Health Trend: Bone Broth

Health Trend: Bone Broth

Cold-pressed juice. Underwater spin class. Barefoot running. There are lots of health and beauty trends that seem strange at first but quickly become the norm. I always try to keep an open mind about new and healthy practices, but honestly, this one threw me for a loop: bone broth. Yes, really.

But the more I hear about bone broth, the more interesting it seems. While the name is a little shocking, it’s basically just a healthy soup stock made from either meat or poultry. Not so different from chicken noodle soup, except it’s served without the “stuff” and you don’t eat it out of a bowl—Brodo, the first bone broth cafe to set up shop in New York, serves it hot and seasoned in a coffee cup.

Apparently, broth has all sorts of health benefits, from boosting digestive health to fighting inflammation. Plus, it’s supposed to be delicious. In cold weather like this, swapping out my espresso for a warm cup of nourishing soup is starting to sound pretty appealing.

What do you think of the new trend?



Health Trend: Bone Broth

Health Trend: Bone Broth

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