Picture Books

Picture Books

If you’ve ever been in my office, you know that it’s creative chaos—well-organized, but packed with images, words, and ideas that inspire my work.

I almost always have a big stack of coffee table books—because I’m a visual thinker, I’m drawn to publications that focus on gorgeous imagery. Art and fashion books are a personal obsession, and we have a whole library of my favorites at Bobbi Headquarters in Soho. I love flipping through them for ideas on new colors, products and looks.

Take a look at what I’m reading right now.



Picture Books

Picture Books

Picture Books

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One thought on “Picture Books

  1. Dear Bobbi,

    thank you for this inspiration-like article! I am a huge collector of everything that inspires me or has ever evoked a certain kind of emotion in me. Although it may be difficult to maintain – the more things, the more chaos, I have built up a system of folders and boxes. For creative and sensible people, it’s incredibly important to have a place to escape, where to seek the inspiration.

    Lately, the coffee books and top quality visual diaries have been a huge issue for me. I search for them anywhere, anytime (I have even created a list of cafés where they collect these diaries, so I can literally breathe the inspiration in while sipping my morning coffee).

    Thank you for being such an inspiration, I highly adore your positive truthful attitude.

    Katarina Bradacova



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