Bobbi x The Coveteur

Bobbi x The Coveteur

Normally, I’m not big on letting strangers see my closet, but when the Coveteur came knocking, I couldn’t say no. There are so many stories that I can tell through the objects in my house—about my beauty philosophy, my family history, even the story of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. It was so much fun talking to the Coveteur about all of it, and I love all the gorgeous photos they took.

I hope you enjoy this little journey into my world.



Bobbi x The Coveteur

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One thought on “Bobbi x The Coveteur

  1. Dear Bobbi!

    I simply love these pictures style bed the Coveteur team. I like reading them and always come back for more since their angle of view and philosophy for aesthetics is so close to my heart.
    I must say, it’s kind of refreshing to see all the goods and small stuff with a story behind coming right from your apartment. Actually, maybe I just feel a little ‘part-of-it’ :).

    How did the collaboration look like? Was it you who chose all the items-to-showed or somebody from the Coveteur team? Did you style them or just waited for the result to be amazed? :)

    P.S.: I have fallen in love with your library, not just for the perfect match of colors, but for that intellectual added value.

    Thank you!
    Katarina Bradacova


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