Makeup & Mother’s Day

Makeup & Mother's Day

As a little girl, I used to watch my mom applying her makeup and experimenting with different looks. No matter how momentary the trend (think white eyeshadow), she always looked glamorous and totally comfortable in her skin. Watching her, I learned to love makeup but also to always be myself.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked some friends to share what they’ve learned from their mothers (and mother figures)—about makeup, and life.



Makeup & Mother's Day 2

Kate Upton, Model/Actress

“My mom always emphasized the importance of inner beauty and not focusing on how you look. She also taught me the importance of washing my face every night and using toner. No matter what time of night I get home, I go straight to the sink to wash and tone. I’m like a robot. It’s ingrained in me.”

Makeup & Mother's Day3

Rachel Roy, Fashion Designer

“My mother taught me that kindness is always fashion, and carrying yourself with grace and strength is the most beautiful trait one can have. As you can see, I also enjoy a good smokey eye to go along with the grace!”

Makeup & Mother's Day4

Misha Nonoo, Fashion Designer

“A red lip can give you an instant transformation, and make you look less tired. And always hydrate.”

  Makeup & Mother's Day 5

Eva Chen, Editor

“Growing up, I hated to nap. Hated, hated, hated it. My mom would exhort me to take a nap, it was the best solution to all my woes (even beauty!). Now, as the mother of a newborn, I am all about napping. And am doing my own exhorting!”

Makeup & Mother's Day6

Laura and Danielle Kosann, Founders, The New Potato

“Best beauty advice you ever received from your mother: To take care of our skin! It’s the foundation for everything. We always, always put on sunscreen and use a simple cleanser every morning and night. She also always told us that less is more when it comes to your skin, and to not overdo it on product.”

(Photo credit: Kat Irlin)

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