Rethinking Office Food

Rethinking Office Food

I don’t normally use the word “makeover” (definitely not in the context of makeup), but when it comes to office eats, the workplace could use a new look.

You’ve heard me talk a lot about beauty food, but this post is more about brain food. When you eat well during the workday, your energy levels stay consistent—you can focus better, think more clearly, and won’t need that gummy candy or afternoon latte to get through the day.

At BB Headquarters in Soho, our kitchen is packed with smart foods—instead of sugary cereals, cookies and sweets, we have low-sugar, high fiber cereals, fresh fruit and nuts. We keep a big bowl of green apples in the reception area for anyone to grab as a quick snack—it sets a healthy tone for the whole office.

Here are some suggestions of good-for-you substitutions that are easy to make—believe me, your team will thank you:

Start Smart

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been greeted with a big plate of pastries at a morning meeting—a recipe for a quick crash. Instead, at the BB office we have unsweetened oatmeal and lots of fixings for healthy, green-filled smoothies. Our Vitamix makes it super easy.

Skip the Chips

When done right, small snacks are a good way to keep your energy up throughout the day (and curb cravings for junk)—we keep the office stocked with raw almonds, seeds, raisins, KIND Bars and (on occasion) Pirate’s Booty.

Stay Hydrated

I take drinking water pretty seriously—for me, it’s essential self-care, and super-important for great skin. To make your eight glasses a little more exciting, we have fresh lemon wedges and a huge selection of herbal and green teas.

Order Better

When it comes to big meetings, there are lots of great new options for nutrient-filled (and filling) catering—try a make-your-own salad shop like Chop’t, and steer clear of heavy pastas, fried foods and lots of carbs. In New York, I love fresh options like Hu Kitchen and Taim.



Rethinking Office Food

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2 thoughts on “Rethinking Office Food

  1. It’s amazing to see you take health seriously and make it work for all sorts of situations- at home, at work and your beauty advice for us! I’ve been wearing your products for a while now and love them, but I do notice they look better when I’m drinking water and eating food good for my brain. Thanks for the beautiful pictures to illustrate how I can do this. =)


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