Makeup’s Big Weekend


Last month, London hosted the annual International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS, to those in the know). Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or industry pro, this event is heaven—endless demonstrations from the best of the best and tons of new products to try. Amy Conway and Hannah Martin, two of our top UK-based Pro Team artists, repped Bobbi Brown and shared their product must-haves and favorite techniques (including their tips for brides and strobing). Here are their highlights from the weekend.





Bobbi: Why is IMATS such a big deal for makeup artists?


Amy Conway: Even as a young makeup artist, I was really passionate about Bobbi Brown (I had her first set of brushes when I was in school for theatrical makeup!). I just fell in love with the education side of the brand. I think that’s why makeup artists really love Bobbi, and also why events like IMATS are so great. I remember going to IMATS back in the day, and it was so exciting. You were learning so much, and working your way to becoming a better makeup artist.


Bobbi: What was it like spending three days among the makeup-obsessed?


Amy Conway: It was crazy! But it was really inspiring to see young makeup artists building their kits. People were going nuts for our Pro Products. By the end of the night, everyone had makeup all over their hands. When you’re first starting out as a makeup artist, bridal is where the money is, so our bridal display was also a big hit.


Bobbi: Speaking of bridal, what does every makeup artist (and bride) need to know about makeup for the big day?


Hannah Martin: Contouring has been everywhere this year, but it’s not a good idea for brides. When you’re getting married, you don’t want your look to be trend-led—your photos will look dated really quickly. It’s important to buff bronzer back into the hairline so everything blends together. My favorite bridal Blush is Pale Pink, and I tend to add a little more blush than normal, just to get that fresh look. In general, I like pretty, subtle colors for brides.—nothing statement-making. During the IMATS bridal demonstration, I used Sandwash Pink Lip Color—a really pretty, beige-pink that I may or may not have use at a certain royal wedding


Bobbi: What are some of the tips that you shared with the artists?


Hannah Martin: I love Extra Face Oil—the tiniest bit blended over your cheek or over foundation makes you look dewey and fresh. Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, too—people often think it’s just a primer, but tapping a little under the brow bone and on the cupid’s bow instantly highlights the face. It’s a subtle and easy way to strobe. [Want more? Check out Bobbi’s how-to post on strobing]


Amy Conway: I think my newest favorite technique has to be pairing Extra Soothing Balm with Uber Beige Pot Rouge—as a bronzer, it gives you a stunning, moisturized glow.


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3 thoughts on “Makeup’s Big Weekend

  1. OMG!! I bet going to IMATS would be sooooo much fun! I’ve always wanted to come to NY for it. I’m going to try and attend next years. Then I can finally say I’ve been to NY, well kinda..LOL! And how awesome would it be to have a Bobbi Brown spot!! I bet that would be tons of fun. Not to mention getting to meet some of Bobbi’s top artists.


  2. I am a young 70, blessed with great skin from my mother’s Scotch-Irish side of the family. I realize I’m blasting my look with too much bright color and want to “go Bobbi.” I will consult with a BB makeup specialist at my local Macy’s, but would appreciate guidance from the pros. I want to look well done, subtle and healthy and not like an aging hooker who just discovered auntie’s rouge pot! Where do I begin?
    Thank you, and I love the blog.


    Bobbi Brown Reply:

    Reply on September 8th, 2015

    We love your enthusiasm, Sally, and we’re happy to help! Our online Bobbi Brown Artists are standing by to get you started with some shade and product suggestions before you visit your local counter. Visit and click on the Live Chat icon for personalized advice.


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