Bobbi Periscope Q&A

Bobbi Periscope Q&A


Thanks to all our Pretty Powerful fans for tuning in to our first-ever live Bobbi Brown Periscope. I had a blast answering all of your beauty questions.  Missed the scope? Check out some of the highlights below and get a sneak peek at my makeup bag.  Next time I’ll take you through my makeup routine. Let me know what else you want to see in the comments below!




What are the must have items to take my look into fall and what are the must have lip colors?

This fall, it’s all about a bold lip. Shades of red that ranged from cranberry to deep wine were seen all over the runways. The “perfect” lip color is different for every woman, so we are offering Luxe Lip Color with 20 shades.

Lips that are rich and highly pigmented look best with flawless skin. The first step to a beautiful complexion is my #1 beauty secret, my new Intensive Skin Serum Corrector and Intensive Skin Serum Concealer. The corrector helps to brighten and the concealer helps to lift the under eye area.

Finally for fall, the graphic eye trend is huge. To get this bold look, try my double-lining technique: line the top lash line with eyeliner and then before it sets, blend in a deeper shade of eye shadow on top, to really make the eyes pop, like my new Intense Pigment Liners from the Greige Collection.

What are the best foundation colors and bronzers for women of color?

The most important thing for women of color is finding a shade of foundation that matches your skin. The best way to test the foundation is on the side of your face and your forehead- if it disappears it’s the right color. When I created my foundation range I made sure the colors disappeared on the skin totally. I started the range with 10 color foundations and we have 24 now. When choosing a bronzer, which a lot of women of color use as a blush or to correct foundation, make sure to use a bronzer that isn’t ashy on the skin or too sparkly – think of it more as a tint for your skin.

What’s your best makeup tip for brides?

Have a trial. Know the look you want. Stick to all long-wear products. Don’t hire someone that just shows up the day of your wedding. Take a picture to see how you look in light. Brides often come to the brand because we make sure brides look like themselves, but their most beautiful, on their wedding day.

What makeup should you avoid if you wear glasses?

You don’t really have to avoid anything. People with glasses can get away with wearing nothing (especially with dark frames like the “Bobbi’s” from my eyewear collection), but you definitely need concealer and corrector because glasses will create a shadow on your face. You also need to fill in your brows and add a pop of color with blush.

What are the top 3 makeup items you carry in your purse?

The most important thing I carry in my bag is a really small 6 well Face Palette. It’s so great for new moms or other women who are really busy. I fill it with corrector, concealer, foundation, a lip, a blush and skincare. You customize it yourself so you know its all the right colors. When I have nothing else, that’s usually in my back pocket- when I have that and mascara I’m good to go.

What makeup brushes or tools do you think are absolutely essential?

I use my fingers for a lot of products, but you need brushes for the products that require a brush for best application: Eyeliner, Eyebrow (if you are using powder), Blush (unless you are using Pot Rouge), and Eye Shadow. So if you are using powder makeup, you need brushes for everything. I have women who tell me they’ve invested in my brushes, have taken care of them, and have had them for over 10 years. So take care of your brushes and they will last a long time.

What is the best foundation for oily skin and do you have any tips for oily eyelids?

So for oily skin it depends on how oily your skin is and whether it’s combination. If you have combination skin I recommend skipping moisturizer on the oily parts of your skin and just put moisturizer on the dry parts. Oily skin does really well with our Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation, Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15, and SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer. The best thing for oily eyelids is to use powder and also an eye base. We have a great base called Long-Wear Eye Base and I love this is because a lot of eye bases out there come in only one color but we have 4 shades. You really want to pick one that will blend into your skin tone and brighten just a little bit but not look too white or ashy so it won’t change the eye shadow.

What are your tips for makeup artists who are just starting out in their careers?

A: My tips for you guys are to open your eyes- look at everything and learn. Ask questions, be open and always be nice to everyone. Build your kit slowly, don’t spend a ton of money on things you don’t need- that’s one of the reasons we created the artists palettes. Also it’s important that you don’t smoke because no one wants to smell that on your hands and use a little breath spray before you do makeup. Most importantly, never stop working on your craft- I’m still learning!


Bobbi's Makeup Bag

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3 thoughts on “Bobbi Periscope Q&A

  1. Love this Bobbi! You’re the best in the biz! I really enjoy your products and the message of ‘just be yourself’. Makeup is an art, sure, but not everyone wants to walk around looking like a piece of art. I just want to look like me! Bobbi Brown products help me look and feel like the BEST me. It was nice to see what’s inside your makeup bag! You are a beauty and a treasure!


  2. Bobbi, I just started wearing your makeup and I like it a lot. But I find it disturbing when you use a 20 year old as an example for your makeup. My husband was watching you put makeup on her and you suggested starting around the nose as there are red marks. Well, that girl didn’t have a mark on her face! She looked basically the same after you covered her face in makeup as she did before basically because her face was already flawless.

    Just an opinion I had to share.


  3. Just went through your website and blog.I am so inspired by you bobbi.Love your makeup tutorial lessons,your products and everything about you!!!


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