There’s More to Teen Modeling Than You Think

Finding the Supermodel in You Book Cover

Many girls get excited about makeup and establish a beauty routine in their teen years. It’s a lot of fun to experiment and play, but also tricky to navigate since your self-image and self-esteem can be very volatile at that age. With the insurgence of big name models on social media, many young women look up to them as role models — and may even consider a modeling career themselves. Just look at the Instagram accounts of women like Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner and it’s easy to covet their luxurious-looking jetset lifestyles. But as someone who’s often behind the scenes on set, I can tell you there’s a lot more to being a model than having a pretty face and enjoying getting your makeup and hair done.

Claudia Mason

My friend Claudia Mason discusses this topic in her new book, Finding the Supermodel in You: The Insider’s Guide to Teen Modeling. Claudia is an expert on the topic; growing up in New York she was scouted at 13 years old, and quickly became a top model. She’s modeled for designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, and Oscar de la Renta, been on the covers of Vogue, ELLE, and Cosmopolitan, and posed for photographers like Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, and Mario Testino. Claudia continues to work as a high fashion model as well as an actress and producer, and has lots of stories to tell and advice to share from her experience growing up in front of the camera.

Modeling involves a lot of glitz and glamour from wearing gorgeous clothes to traveling to exotic locales. But it’s also demanding in terms of tough hours, handling criticism, and feeling pressure to look and act a certain way, all while wondering who to trust. That’s not easy for a teenager to do, with or without the help of parents. Thankfully, Claudia has tips on everything from how to maintain your confidence and a strong sense of self to how to manage your money and any temptations that come your way. Whether you’re an aspiring model or someone who’s always wanted an inside look at this extraordinary lifestyle, Claudia’s book is an engaging read.

Claudia Mason

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  1. so glad that you are back doing this. I honestly like this better than the Yahoo Beauty thing. This has a more personal touch and I hope will focus more on your great products that I love!


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