How to Get a Nude Glow for Any Skintone

How to Get a Nude Glow for Any Skintone

With spring officially here, we at Bobbi Brown HQ are loving the new Nude Finish Collection, which includes Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, Nude Finish Illuminating Powder, and true to Bobbi Brown protocol, a new brush that is angled for precision highlighting. But how do you get a “nude” glow and how does that differ from #strobing? Luckily, Bobbi Brown Pro makeup artist Marc Reagan shared his tips with us—and coming from California, he’s all about the glow.

How to Get a Nude Glow for Any Skintone

Focus on the high points of the face

Using the tapered edge of the Angled Face Brush, apply the Nude Finish Illuminating Powder onto the tops of the cheeks and down the center of the nose. “With this powder, there isn’t so much shine that you’re going to look greasy and oily, but there is a trick to not looking overly shiny or overly illuminated,” Reagan advises. “Choose the high points of the cheek, nose, and a little around the cupid’s bow of your mouth.”

Get rid of the grease

Yes, you want the glow—but you don’t want the grease that naturally accumulates on your face throughout the day. Here’s a trick you won’t learn elsewhere: the powder is also oil absorbing (perfect for summer!), so you can brush it all over with the flat end of the brush for a full illumination that is surprisingly matte.


The difference between highlighter and bronzer is your skin tone

Nude Finish Illuminating Powder comes in six different palettes, which means that depending on your skin tone, each palette of colors can be used as a highlighter or a bronzer. Reagan recommends holding each palette up to your face—try this at your local Bobbi Brown counter. If you want a highlighter, you go for the lighter color. If you want a bronzer, you go for the deeper color.

Nude Glow for Any Skintone

Illuminate your face, highlight your best features

Reagan admits that there’s not really a difference between illumination and highlighting when it comes to makeup products, but it’s how you use them that counts. “Illumination is an overall effect of the skin,” he says. “Highlighting is not a soft effect, in contrast. You use it to focus on parts of your face.” Because the Illuminating Powder has a very subtle shimmer so that the sparkle particles don’t cover up your face, you’ll want to glow starting from your actual skin. “Someone who is a tinted moisturizer wearer is a minimalist who wants the ease of perfecting the skin,” Reagan notes.

How to Get a Nude Glow for Any Skintone

Moisturize properly before applying illumination

The whole idea of the Nude Finish collection is to allow your own skin to shine through, so you want to have a good base. “Depending on your skin type and the concerns you have, whether it’s controlling shine or lacking natural oils, you’re going to treat your skin differently,” Reagan notes. If your skin is particularly dry and you’re looking for some luminosity, try the Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, which complements the Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. If your skin is more oil-prone, try the oil-free Vitamin Enriched Face Base.

How to Get a Nude Glow for Any Skintone

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