You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

Vegedeco Salad Café

Garden parties in the spring are occasions to indulge in cupcakes and petit fours — but that’s a lot of white flour and sugar you’re consuming. Over Easter weekend, many of us at Bobbi Brown HQ gorged ourselves with Cadbury eggs, marshmallow Peeps, and homemade cakes, but now we’re back to work and trying to eat more vegetables for lunch. Yesterday, we discovered that a new café in Nagoya, Japan, called the Vegedeco Salad Café, serves salads that deceivingly look like gorgeous cakes. Japanese food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu wants to make eating vegetables just as fun as eating dessert, and this looks a lot more exciting (and healthier) than your average carrot cake.

Vegedeco Salad Café

Moriyasu be infusing her gluten-free “cakes” with superfoods and low-carb ingredients. For example, the sponge cake base is made with soybean flour, with little to no sugar added to the mix. And the savory cakes have icing made from tofu or cream cheese blended with vegetables for flavoring. One slice of vegetable cake is made with koji, a fermented fungus with probiotic benefits that is oftentimes used to make sake and soy sauce.

Vegedeco Salad Café

You can also get a slice of gluten-free bread with your “salad,” made with an ancient strain of rice.

Vegedeco Salad Café

And yes, the meals come with a nourishing tea made with vegetable phytochemicals. Lately, Bobbi has been ordering herbal tea with her drinks at the bar, for the extra health and hydration benefits involved.

The café will be opening on April 5, so if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan anytime soon, please bring us back a slice. In the meantime, we’ll be eating black bean brownies at home, which is not the same thing but much easier to make.

Photo Credit: PR Times

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