Makeup for Rich Skintones: The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad

Makeup should always make you look and feel like your best self, but that’s hard to do when options are limited and you can’t find your perfect shade. Thanks to a wide range of colors and formulas in my line, women of all skin tones can find makeup that is flattering and beautiful. That’s very important to me. I recently spoke to global mega blogger,  The Blonde Salad and shared a few key tips on achieving the most flattering looks for darker skin tones.

The Blonde Salad

A must-have product for dark skin tones

Selecting the right foundation is tricky, but my Skin Foundation Stick is great because it’s easy to apply and blends flawlessly into your skin — plus there are 31 shades to choose from. Just be sure to test it on different parts of your face (try your forehead and between your nose and cheek) in natural light to ensure the color is right.

Skin Foundation Stick

Experiment with color

Many women believe their skin tone limits the makeup shades they can wear, but that’s really not true. Try playing with unexpected bold shades, dark colors, and even pastels. There are so many different varieties to try you may discover new favorites that complement your skin and look fantastic.

The Bobbi Cheek

Yes, everyone can strobe

If a shimmery highlighter feels like too much on darker skin tones, try mixing it with bronzer. The ideal result should be a natural glow — not sparkle overload — on the tops of cheekbones, forehead, and the bridge of the nose.

For more of my makeup tips, head over to The Blonde Salad.

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2 thoughts on “Makeup for Rich Skintones: The Blonde Salad

  1. Dear Bobbi,

    I felt compelled to write, I received my first ever Bobbi Brown makeup and skincare today and so far, I absolutely love it. This is the FIRST time I have been wowed by a makeup brand and to be honest, I was prepared for the letdown. I am a 46 year young mother of three, African American and have been on a year long quest to find my perfect skincare, foundation and concealer. I was so impressed with what I received today that I had to find our more about you and then I read this post on African American makeup, and yes, we do struggle with finding the right shades, I have since I was a teen. Like you, I always loved makeup, admired the models and wanted my signature look to be natural but polished, not heavy or cakey. Since I could never find anything, I would often go bareskinned rather than look like I just piled on 5 layers of makeup. I also don’t like the heavy feel of the foundation I been wearing for a while but I had no other choices, till now. Being as that I’m a very much struggling single Mom, I bought the basic skincare set….awesome! As well as the corrector and concealer. I like them so much that my next investment will be either the skin or stick foundation and a sheer powder! I’m so happy I decided to give you a shot! I’ve heard of you for years but assumed you catered to a more limited audience. In my prior job, I worked non-profit for many years, my role helped give back to the community in many ways. I hope to one day start my own which will focus on providing funds for single parents struggling to pay rent, eat, keep lights, etc. I was so very pleased to see that your company focuses on giving back too! Anyways thank you so much for what you are doing for women of color, all women and for the world!


  2. Also, I will be sure to tell all my colleagues and friends about your products! I do think your company should market even more to such an still untapped pool of potential customers, women dying for quality products that actually match!


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