How to Store Your Makeup

Beauty Spring Cleaning

Everyone I know is obsessed with organizing guru Marie Kondo’s KonMari method. I understand why—having everything organized is key. Everything works better when everything is visually neat and clutter-free. Plus, you’re not wasting time searching for things.

If you’re on a cleaning binge, definitely include your beauty products especially because they have expiration dates. Here’s how to get everything in line:

Separate skincare, makeup, and haircare

Divide your beauty products into three main categories— skincare, makeup, and hair products. This will help you get ready that much faster, but there are also even more practical reasons for the separation: “Exposure to the moisture in skincare products can actually compromise the quality of a cosmetic,” Kondo writes. “A single drop of skin lotion falling into your blush, for example, could ruin it.”

Beauty Spring Cleaning

Use clear storage

I love clear plastic boxes for storage because you can see what you are looking for. Separate hair products and tools, daily skincare, and weekly skincare in three separate boxes. Makeup can be divided by category—eyes, lips, cheeks, and foundation and concealer.

Give before you toss

While you are sorting, go through each category and get rid of anything you haven’t used. I keep an LL Bean bag embroidered ‘Give’ to put anything to donate like shampoos,soaps, and moisturizers which I give to women’s shelters.

Decide what to toss and what to recycle

Immediately throw out whatever is broken or smells bad. Some products like mascaras are only supposed to last 6 months max, so make sure you keep an eye on how long you have had your makeup.

Beauty Spring Cleaning

Make a travel kit

I collect mini samples to use for traveling and for my on-the-go makeup bags. Kondo notes that small samples don’t last as long, so again anything that’s over a year old should be tossed. “When the quantity is very small, such as for samples, the quality deteriorates faster,” Kondo writes.

Don’t hoard items for special occasions

Recently, I realized that I had way too many pairs of black pants. Out of all of them, I had one pair that was incredibly flattering and for some reason I just wore them for special occasions. But then I wondered why I was saving them and they immediately became my everyday pants. Kondo recommends doing the same thing for the skincare, especially because they have expiration dates: “If you have skincare products that you don’t use but still find hard to part with, don’t put them away,” Kondo advises.” Instead, use them lavishly.”

If you’re looking for more tidying tips, I recommend reading Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the illustrated companion text, Spark Joy.

Photo Credit: Into The Gloss

Bobbi Brown photographed by Tom Newton at her home in New Jersey on January 20, 2016.

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